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Natalia Gundareva walks under pines

We wanted to come to see the actress in one of the best sanatoria of Moscow suburbs where to it after the long rehabilitation period its attending physician, one of leading neuropathologists of capital Anatoly Fedin has advised to go. It is unique in own way a health resort where patients after such terrible illness take place a course of regenerative therapy. while it piece work but results impress and encourage - Fedin told about sanatorium possibilities on recent a press - conferences.

- you that to ruin the person have wanted? - The security guard has asked sanatorium gate us, hardly we only have given a hint at our intention to pass a huge bouquet to Natalia Georgievne. - Leave from here and your flowers take away. And flowers relatives and relatives in coordination with a management can bring transfers only!

- what for you so it is cruel? At us sanatorium, instead of prison! - patients stand up.

Become by witnesses of this ugly scene having a rest sanatorium have spent us kitchen gardens on territory. Tatyana Nikolaevna, the former teacher of English language, has shown us a route on which after a supper Natalia Georgievna walks: on imperial to a path under century lindens and pines to a wing. All to whom we could communicate, unanimously tell about surprising kindness and modesty of the actress:

- Any star arrogance . If who from admirers approaches to wish health - will necessarily listen, will thank. Doctors advise to it not to go without a headdress, and she, apparently, concerning the nice colour kerchief very much worries - we it have got used to see such beauty on the screen!

according to having a rest, Natalia Georgievna has arrived to sanatorium in target accompanied by the husband of Michael Filippova, friend of the family Igor Kostolevsky and two pretty women. At first they accompanied it in walks, then to the actress have put protection. It is said that in the first days Gundarevoj crystal-clear pine air and a fountain at lake especially were pleasant.

- it revives in the face of: gait becomes more confident every day, eyes are more cheerful, - we rejoices for the national favourite the guide Tatyana Nikolaevna.

Before departure we have once again tried to leave on a check point for the favourite actress flowers and a card: to us have advised to solve a question top-level having sent a fax know to whom .

- Give I to you I will help, at me the daughter works as the parlourmaid for Natalia Georgievny - at it all room in colours from friends and admirers. - the woman painting a fence, has picked up our bouquet.

- if you will make it, here will soon not work, - the security guard has flown on the woman, swinging hands. Flowers shmjaknulis on asphalt...

Strong to you of health, Natalia Georgievna! We you and without faxes we love! Very much!