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Menshikov had at once two girlfriends

In last to the fatty we have published Oleg Menshikov`s photos with girl gently nestling on his shoulder and have asked our readers to help to learn to us who is represented on a picture. In the answer we have received an avalanche of calls. Calling accurately shared on two categories. Representatives of the first actively were indignant concerning attempts of newsdealers to get in private life of the actor favourite by them.

as you can so low to fall! - not presented woman abused us. - would descend in the Recreation park is better. There take leopards, crocodiles, prick their soporific and are photographed with them! I do not want, that Menshikov was comprehended by the same fate!

annoyed we responded all that we love Menshikov not less them, but such is a fate of known actors - their life publichna, and ardent admirers ask to tell about a substitute something, besides its creative plans.

The Second part of the calling was made by readers who were in earnest about a task in view and is constructive. One lady has assumed that Menshikov`s girlfriend - the actress who was acting in film in a serial the Countess de Monsoro . In which role, the lady, unfortunately, has not remembered.

I consider that it is his daughter, - Natalia, phoned has declared to us from Penza. - we here have communicated to friends and all have come to such conclusion . This opinion has supported both pensioner Clara Vasilevna, and Svetlana from Moscow suburbs. Irina of Alekseevna from Moscow paternal - that has assumed that the girl to Menshikov - the three times removed sister. The former film editor of studio Bitter Olga Semenovna was more certain: I here two days examine your cover, - she has declared. - and here that I to you will tell, how the person well knowing actors and their petty intrigues. Oleg - very proud and modest person, and it never will go on getting to a photoobjective near to any the French mistress . If it was it, he, certainly, would embrace it! And on all your pictures - it to it a back! It either the his sister, or the daughter .

Natasha has shared the Valuable information with us. As she said, on June, 23rd she saw a couple in a train Petersburg - Moscow . Menshikov with the girl was in the company six more person. On Natasha`s supervision when the retinue has dispersed on usual compartments, Menshikov with the stranger has gone to rest in double ST. On platform in Moscow Menshikov has stood any time near to the girl, but, to disappointment calling, between them was not neither embraces, nor kisses. impression such as if they have together lived 15 - 20 years - Natasha has told.

among calling there were also two persons presented... Oleg Menshikov`s girls. Yes, me really call Lyudmila! - one of them has threateningly told. - What you the right have it to publish? Oleg Evgenevich never would turn to me a back! we have assured the girl that would turn therefore how numerous facsimiles bear to it.

on pictures I, but my name is not Lyudmila! - one more girl from our cover has told. - and as, I to you will not tell! Who I? Consider that the simple cleaner!

upset with such answer, we publish again a photo of the stranger and we ask to respond all who knows it. Call by us to phone 257 - 54 - 48. Write on the address of the newspaper or on an electronic box web