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Red tundrovik wanted to involve gross national product in a sneer company ?

Right after recent a press - Putin`s conferences in the Kremlin one perspicacious colleague, making comments on a question of the correspondent Red tundrovika (about that the head of administration of Nenets autonomous region Butov removes already the third successively public prosecutor after that starts to investigate the criminal cases connected with abusings in northern delivery ) Has uttered: It seems, this guy - not the local newsdealer, and the PR manager from Moscow .

And Butov and its administration publicly justify now: the pier, all is intrigues of figures from the oil company LUKOIL having in district the business and trying to dictate to local authorities the conditions.

if it so, that, what`s happened on a press - conferences, not journalism, and public relations - an element with all that it implies... In the Kremlin it, apparently, understand and are not going to interfere with scandal: say, local authorities in all will understand.

but in this history there is one but - hasty exile from Red tundrovika Olga Cheburinoj`s its editor-in-chief, leaving of several more journalists. However, in district administration assert that Cheburinu would dismiss anyway - for infringements in economic activities .

In sincerity of these assurances it is believed hardly. The press, especially regional, is deprived of civil rights in the face of not only homebrew and stray rich persons but also local managers. To any editor-in-chief it is possible to cling, as to a cable column, and to beat out it from the newspaper at 24 o`clock.

if to understand, a question Red tundrovika (behind it - the whole phenomenon which today have faced both the power, and the press) has thrown to Putin life. By the way, on the same a press - conferences the president has told to journalists that governors complain to it of heads of local mass-media who on - to the understand a freedom of speech: a pier, pay money, and we about you bad will not write.

If only now presidential a press - red-tape-mongers were not clasped on all buttons and would not begin to construct sterile scenarios of approaches of Putin to provincial correspondents (gross national product, as it is known, goes on the country much), and the journalists frightened of punishment over Red tundrovikom would not start to ask it the questions co-ordinated with local authorities.
Alexander of DINS.

On a press - Putin`s conferences it was lighted and the journalist from Nizhni Novgorod Olga Kochetkova, the chief - the editor of weekly release of the city newspaper the Nizhniy Novgorod worker (that, which has intimidated gross national product the red book). It has asked a question: when in Bottom will end a brothel with water supply and constant pre-election blackmail of the population?

according to Olga, after a press - conferences anybody did not threaten it, however morally she was sick as a dog. The matter is that local authorities, the mayor and a number of mass-media under a magnifier have considered its dialogue with the president and have drawn the conclusions about which have trumpeted to all city: the pier, a question was custom-made . To Olga it is insulting: In all sincerity radeesh for people, and thy colleagues then discredit thy name. And meanwhile water in Bottom both was not, and is not present .
Tatyana SOLEEVA (- Nizhni Novgorod ).

Here has left Putin...

the Small Stavropol village can become range for working off of tactics of struggle of the Center with regional leaders

has not passed also weeks after the President of Russia has visited areas of the South Russia which has suffered from flooding (about some results has written on July, 4th of this year) And we can already see the first notable results of that visit.

result the first: prime minister Kasyanov at last - that has headed work on liquidation of consequences of act of nature. Yesterday, hardly having arrived from Paris, he has held meeting on which preliminary results have been brought, plans of restoration of habitation, life-support systems are planned. And it is deeply correct. After all it was primary clearly that to one head of Ministry of Emergency Measures Shojgu appointed the co-ordinator of a recovery work, with such large object of affairs, considering features of domestic interdepartmental and multi-region relations, not to consult.

however, seemingly, Putin to Stavropol Territory really strongly did not have Kasyanov in propylennoj to special clothes with the report on struggle against flooding consequences. And the prime minister with keenness inherent in it has caught these moods of the head of the state. Also has undertaken corresponding steps.

those Posramleny who asserted that ostensibly the chairman of our government not always and not with hunting follows instructions and a wish of the president.

Posramleny and those who cast a shade on relations of the Kremlin with regions. After Putin`s departure the governor of Stavropol Territory Tchernogorov has started to follow strictly instructions of the head of the state on indispensable punishment of measures guilty of nonacceptance on prevention of the act of nature, insufficient activity at overcoming of its consequences. It is result of the second.

the order of the Stavropol governor dismisses the head of Kochubeevsky area Gennady Skarga. The punishing sword has walked and on a village Barsukovsky, having fallen on heads of the chief of local service of trade and a food of Kotljarova and zavskladom Tyncherova. And it while all.

Have threatened was and on most barsukovskogo head Bratkova. It, speak, knew about outlined flooding, but the information from stanichnikov has concealed. But here there was a misfire. Bratkov - the elite. And to dismiss it, without breaking the Constitution, it is impossible.

On hearings, this collision has strongly afflicted Putin. And it has given the commission to the head of Ministry of Emergency Measures Shojgu and the Minister of Justice to the Seagull to fulfil the mechanism of discharge from posts not only appointed, but also the selected heads. Otherwise it is supposedly ready to remove invested by trust of the people of careless officials the decrees.

and prick so events in a dilapidated small Stavropol village threaten to get obshchefederalnyj a resonance. If Shojgu and the Seagull manages to execute will of the president, to find a way to bypass the Constitution and to dismiss - taki not justified trust stanichnikov Bratkova it will mean that on barsukovskom range has passed tests model of the new weapon for struggle of the centre against rebellious regional leaders. After all between stanichnym the ataman and the governor a difference - only in sizes.

the Bar Putin has turned in Pepsi

on May, 24th on the the press - gross national product conferences has quoted told about the Chelyabinsk bar under the name Putin . Regional officials immediately podsuetilis: as informs site Regions. ru, at first the bar was visited by militiamen and have suggested to close an institution. The authorities with the compromise were then connected: to rename and work under the new name. The new signboard has already appeared - Pepsi .

Mistresses of a bar have declared that all - taki will struggle for the former name.

and on turn at officials - dismantlings with tagilskimi businessmen who too have attempted on sacred - have let out ice-cream the President ...