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To old men having a tail give to drink tea from a camomile

to my dog to Jack of 12 years, it a hybrid of a sheep-dog and a mastiff. At it a problem with digestion, digestion infringement, a dysbacteriosis. At once I will tell that my dog does not transfer a dry feed. Tell, please, about features of feeding of elderly dogs. At it the nose is shelled. What with it to do? A leah is any supporting medicines for old men having a tail? The dog receives vitamins regularly.
if it is possible, write and about the cat`s old age. At my sister to a cat eight years, and she is assured that Muske it is necessary to live practically nothing.
yours faithfully your reader
A.Kirillov, Moscow.

as they grow old
In - the first, it would be desirable to calm at once your sister - cats live on the average 14 years if there are no chronic illnesses, and the record makes 36 years. At dogs life expectancy is shorter - on the average till 12 years, a maximum to 29. However the more strongly you love an animal and more carefully watch over its health, the it is more at it than chances to become a long-liver.

cats start to grow decrepit on the sly from 8 years, a dog - from 7 years, and representatives of large breeds - from 5 years. Wool becomes dim, eyes foggy and tearful, and the muzzle becomes covered hoarfrost .

the dog should have a waist
very important that in ageing at an animal the weight did not change. A part of beasts become lean of - for reduction of a hypodermic fatty layer, and a part, to the contrary, grow stout, as cease to play and prefer to lie on the matrasike.

Almost always appetite at them vanishes from - for lowered sense of smell, therefore add in food ostropahnushchie products: it is possible for dogs fish, and to cats cheese. If the animal eats a tinned forage, it needs to be warmed up, and suhariki to soak in water.

Tolstjachkov it is necessary to feed with a low-calorie forage or to replace porridge and a potato in meal with carrot and cabbage.

eat, the grandmother, a squash
Four-leg grandmothers should receive the food corrected taking into account their age and diseases. Judging by symptoms, your dog can have problems with a liver. That it to learn more precisely, follows in vet -

to clinic to make the test on biochemistry of blood and to make ultrasonic of an internal. Will start to treat a liver and a digestive path, the peeling on a nose will stop.

while give to the beast askorutin and karsil for liver maintenance. Grassy teas also will not prevent. Make to a dog zveroboj, a chemist`s camomile, a calendula. Infusion should be rather weak that it can be poured instead of water.

it is better to feed old men with special medical forages or to make the menu of habitual products. The dog can give any meat, except pork, cottage cheese, kefir, boiled fish, groats, vegetables. A week it is useful to treat once with its boiled egg. And here it is impossible for cats neither fish, nor pork, egg. All the rest is possible.

the Animal should receive as much meal, how much and earlier. But the habitual dose needs to be divided into parts and to feed 4 times a day.

do not hurry to do repair
Pensioners it is better not to subject to stresses: whenever possible do not arrange re-planning in apartment and moving. Comb out them more often, mass a back and a tummy and if it is necessary, and wipe under a tail a warm damp rag.

and at last as supporting means it is possible to advise a homoeopathic preparation the Town . It is necessary to give it on 5 grains 2 times a day. The small dog or a cat has enough 2 - 3 grains. And the pupil will please you with the presence still many long years.

How to define age of an animal
At the age of one year of a dog and a cat are comparable on age with 15 - the summer person, and in 2 - summer age - with 24 - the summer person. Then each next year lives is equated approximately to 4 years of human life. Life expectancy of dogs of large breeds much less. For them the one-year-old age is equivalent 12 - to summer age of the person, and each next year is equated to 7 years of human life.

the Grandmother with a cat asks not THOUGHT up STORIES the doctor on reception: At a cat techka, and she asks a cat. The doctor! I should know all truth - it was stuck?!
on a table for survey put a cat tortoise okrasa. The doctor:
- What at you nice cherepashka !
the Owner, removing a cat:
- the Doctor, is a cat!!!