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Life pelmennaja has got ? Eat a portion Masala !

Talk of the Town
Lenin pr - t, 113/ 1, bodies.: 956 - 59 - 99

to Begin the first Indian meal it is better from a national drink lassi (drinking yoghurt) - salty, sweet or fruit. The portion of this liquid exotic will manage to you in 120 roubles. Be afraid, what from experiments will reduce a stomach? Will be limited svezhevyzhatym to mango juice (too 120 rbl.) as aperitif.

in an anticipation kebabov and the fragrant wafers baked in the open furnace - tandure, visitors try vegetarian the Chat - a potato and peas with spices in sweet yoghurt and sauce (150 rbl.), and especially ogolodavshie clients begin a supper with more essential appetizers, for example, chicken the Chat (210 rbl.).

Necessarily try a vegetarian delicacy Paulaao on - kashmirski (300 rbl.) : Cheese, marinaded with an onion and the garlic, baked in tandure with yoghurt, tomatoes and cream.

judges of seafood reserve often Pram Karri - shrimps, tushennye with the Indian seasonings and a sauce from nutlets keshju (720 rbl.).

quieter variant of a supper - a trout, marinaded with an onion and the garlic, plentifully seasoned with spices and zharennaja on a spit (720 rbl.). The huge portion (2 big big fishes) is calculated on 2 - 4 visitors.

the Maharaja
Street Pokrovka, 2/ 1, bodies.: 921 - 98 - 44

the Light meal - the Indian string bean in turned sour - sweet sauce from tamarinda and aromatic grasses (100 rbl.) - usually choose fans of a healthy way of life. They reserve lentil soup Mulligatavni Shorba (125 rbl.) .

it is quite good goes and Chiken Tikku - juicy slices of a marinaded chicken without the bones, prepared in tandure and seasoned with exotic spices (395 rbl.). Or Praun Masala - royal shrimps in sauce of Karri (585 rbl.).

But is better to be treated local firm kebabom the Maharaja kebab Platter (560 rbl.). It prepare under the special recipe from calculation one portion for two.

in to the Maharaja bake in tandure 10 kinds of wafers. Among them it is considered the most popular Maharaja Kulcha - a sweet wafer with a stuffing from nutlets, raisin and a cherry (80 rbl.)

From traditional Indian desserts here prepare Firni - a pudding from nuts and rice (110 rbl.), Golab Dzhamon - baked kletski with a sugar syrup (125 rbl.), and the most popular dietary dessert of restaurant - the Indian berries lichi (150 rbl.) .

Lenin pr - t, 38, bodies.: 930 - 23 - 65

In Darbare fish dishes are good. While Pandzhabi (beluga in imbirnom the test) pines on fire ($9), visitors have a snack potato chips Papdichaat in turned sour - sweet sauce ($5) or chicken salad with the Indian spices ($7).

the Best seller of this restaurant firm Kebab Darbari - allsorts from a chicken, mutton, shrimps, cheese and the vegetables, prepared in tandure ($24). This portion has enough on 3 visitors, therefore be not fond of appetizers.

and here for vegetarians here is Palek Panir from spinach with cheese and garlic ($8). This thingummy with not clear name - one of the most popular in Darbare . Fans of vegetative food reserve and Lentil of Dalmakani with sour cream and seasonings ($8).

mos Bombay
the Golinishchevsky lane 3, bodies.: 292 - 97 - 31

And again lassi! Salty (with greens and spices), sweet (80 rbl.) or a fruit variant of this drink with a mango or a peach (120 rbl.). It is possible to reserve and a dairy cocktail with a banana and an apple (80 rbl.). Necessarily try Pakoru from shrimps (450 rbl.), squids (170 rbl.) or vegetables (120 rbl.), fried in easy panirovke with spices, and traditional Indian pies to Samos with a potato, a tomato, an onion and peas with spices (150 rbl. for 3 pieces).

And if a waist and a pie, in your opinion, a thing not joint, be limited to salad from the Indian string bean with spices (100 rbl.) or Dagi Papri - a potato in sauce from yoghurt with peas and an onion in turned sour - sweet sauce (120 rbl.).

it is considered One of the most popular local foods Bombay badami a forage - mutton with nut sauce and sour cream with seasonings (380 rbl.) And Handi Halal - a chicken karri with an onion, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, a coriander and spices (720 rbl. for 500).

Vegetarians reserve often Fahit Chani - allsorts from the Indian peas with tomatoes, greens and vegetable sauce (140 rbl.).

And small shrimps are very popular in admirers of fish dishes Sonja Sag Masala with an onion, green pepper, tomatoes and greens with addition of coconut powder and spices (330 rbl.). At will of visitors of a dish prepare sharp and not so.