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Bears have suffered from a miscarriage of justice

On polar Norwegian Spitsbergen where live and miners work, more year the gang of predators and the hooligans, received a nickname " bosses; the Trio - H . Into structure of criminal group enter mother - a she-bear and two its unbridled kiddies.

all on archipelago lives to five thousand polar bears which generally behave decently. And here the Trio became the present scourge for local residents. Beasts knock out windows and doors of houses, walls and tyrjat that popadja pull down. Several months ago one of kiddies has gobbled up vitamin C stocks, another has used tooth-paste a great lot.

exhausted shpitsbergentsy acceptance of immediate measures have demanded - and the group of experts has made investigation. One of criminals identified on butter traces on a paw - and all family has rung out in the link. A three of gangsters have branded, having marked with it backs a letter H Have lulled special charges and have forwarded on the remote uninhabited islet.

and here now obokradennye owners have changed the indications. The matter is that robberies proceed, and as experts have established, handwriting of criminals remained absolutely the same. According to their conclusion, the same group of bears can boss only. However, as the witnesses have with amazement noted, had time to mark a Trinity getting away from a scene of crime, thick bottoms of thieves devstvenno are pure, any h - figurative marks on them does not appear.

investigation proceeds, and justice restoration should become its result: victims will return on an old residence, and in the link will send the present hooligans.