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Johnny Depp - the good family man

the Hollywood idler Johnny Depp, seemingly, has for ever said goodbye to the stormy life. Having refused all film-making projects on the eve of a birth of the second child, the actor after joyful family event has definitively moved in more silent British capital. It so hurried to drive in the magnificent house on Kings Roud with the girlfriend Vanessoj Paradi and their two children - three-monthly Jack and two-year Lili Rose that has agreed even to pay fifteen thousand dollars a week instead of usual nine. Having shaved a beard, Depp plays now film Neverlands devoted to creativity of John Barri, founder Peter Pan. For the sake of this role it has employed the special teacher to get the Scottish accent. Last year unlucky Depp have already ridiculed for attempt to speak on break - a dialect of inhabitants of east area of London - in a picture From a hell . Probably, Johnny very much is afraid to be dishonoured once again in the opinion of the children.

Ben Affleck changes Hollywood for a family
the Hero the Pearl of Harbora Ben Affleck has made recently the present exploit and in real life. Unexpectedly for all the actor has made an official statement which admitted that is going to leave Hollywood for ever. Affleck in black paints has depicted modern Mecca of a cinema, as the callous car spoiling actor`s souls . However on it weigh its aggressive fuse has ended. As though apologising for the impudence, the actor has explained that intends to be engaged in creation of an own family closely in the near future. Playing many years the screen, Affleck cannot be arranged till now under a mad rhythm of filmings. It and has not found unique, being engaged at leisure in advertising for promotion of pictures. Producer experience also has not brought to it long-awaited freedom. Undertaken the finance, Affleck only has quarrelled with the best friend Matt Damon.