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Five-stars depot Moscow the Locomotive

Occurrence in Russia new stadium - event appreciable. And such, as new depot capital the Locomotive - directly - taki epoch-making. Stadium will erect on a place former sports temple which two years ago have taken down. Before yesterday`s game Loko - an Uralan workers still liquidated consequences of recent building, but fresh stadionchik looked the king against even grandiose, but enough confused five-stars Luzniki without speaking about others old men .

However to be insignificant honour the first guy on village. What a difference to check up the forces at the international level! And we have decided to compare futbolno - a railway novelty to stadiums memorable to all fans on which World championship matches were led, and is concrete - arenas in Kobe, Iokogame and Shizuoka. Yes - yes, with, where in group N ours eagles were so inconsiderately oshchipany the rivals. Unique criterion which we will not consider, - capacity. Agree, it is ridiculous to bring in a passive to our stadium of 30 000 places (against 42 000 - in Kobe, 51 349 - in Shizuoka and 72 370 - in Iokogame), after all, perhaps, for such command, as Loko tridtsatnik will be just right.

from mentioned below examination it is visible that a new child Loko basically is worse nothing than stadiums on which matches of the main tournament chetyrehletija were led, and in something even them surpasses. Yes, of course, the arena in Cherkizove looks not so grandiosely as a colossus in Iokogame, but, on the other hand, we and do not apply for the World championship ending yet. And here matches of the European superiority of 2008 which Russia to catch hopes, the Locomotive in our opinion to accept it is worthy quite.

So, with Loko stadiums in Japan
Moscow compete. Stadium the Locomotive
the tribunes Completely closed by a canopy.

ideal prosmatrivaemost fields from any, even the most inconvenient place.

a special ditch (depth - 3 metres), separating a football ground from spectators. The ditch allows to do without lattices habitual for purely football stadiums which the frankly criminal kind at all do not add present good mood.

a successful site (two steps away from metro station Cherkizovsky at desire it is possible minutes for 15 dotopat and to Izmajlovsky park ) .

On the top circle the bias under which spectator numbers are located, is extremely abrupt, as on to an upper part sport centre Olympic . There the such is admissible: tennis public behaves easy enough. But if on the Locomotive the fan who has accepted beer, standing where - nibud in pass on the second circle, will not keep balance and that will sweep downwards on steps, having rolled over through low periltsa, it will depart akkurat a muzzle downwards.

Toilets at stadium do not function till now - the spectators who have come on a yesterday`s match have been urged to use the plastic booths placed near to arena.

In comparison with arena of railwaymen plus at the Japanese opponent only one - the impressing top view. A combination of two open rectangular lateral tribunes to two central half moons Gives powerful futuristic effect: the architect has obviously embodied the in this project detsko - youthful hobby for science fiction.

On so heroically looking from height of the bird`s flight open lateral tribunes under the scorching sun and at temperature habitual for Japan under forty it is absolutely impossible to be - with the same success it is possible to look football in a microwave.

the lawn on a football ground has a shameful earthy shade (to see, the grass conducts an unhealthy way of life).

the Site: from stadium to the nearest public transport (buses) the simple fan is urged peshkodralit about forty five minutes.

Three (!) Well equipped a press - the centre.

magnificent acoustics.

thought over to the trifles, constructed on taken out for limits of stadium bridges - entrances input structure/ an exit of fans with which help it is possible to avoid human stoppers.

Such it is not revealed.

Surprising ventilation on the top numbers - under the roof thanks to cunnings of architects air circulates in such a manner that forty-degree heat is conceived as quite acceptable +20 on Celsius.

Full isolation of one sector from another. For example, to reach the companion who has bought the ticket in the next sector, you cannot even in a break: All podtribunnye premises are partitioned off by lattices, moreover, even if you will fall outside the limits stadium, halfway, let us assume, from one of central tribunes to lateral, you tormoznut, will glance in the ticket and will politely send back in the sector.

to enter into a press - at stadium it is possible for a bed only from located detached a press - the centre through a special subway.

Both in heat, and in an icy cold blossoms a lawn in to the Pool

Moscow Luzniki became the first five-stars stadium in Europe on which the natural lawn has been replaced with the artificial. Russia now the pioneer in UEFA experiment on stage-by-stage transition to artificial lawns since a season 2004 - 2005.

twenty six rolls of a synthetic grass of fourth generation everyone in weight in one ton have been delivered by plane from Canada. This carpet represents a fabric basis from geotextiles which well passes water, and synthetic blades in height in 65 millimetres. Then this a pie have filled with the granulated rubber crumb from Holland and quartz sand from Volgograd. Costs such a pie in the size 104 on 67 metres approximately 400 thousand dollars. But on it the guarantee - is given 8 years. For comparison: the natural grassy lawn manages approximately in 130 thousand dollars, but at the big stadiums equipped with roofs, it is necessary to change it 3 - 4 times a year.

to play on a silicone field it is possible in any weather - both in a downpour, and in dvadtsatigradusnyj a frost. For Russia where in the spring and autumn of a field remind snow-covered bogs, modern synthetics seems rescue. However disputes have inflamed to the first a synthetic match a Torpedo - Luzniki - a Rostselmash .

Supporters of synthetics, in particular, known football expert Yury Sevidov, said that is unique possibility to save as the European football power:

- We should pass to the western model of superiority autumn - spring differently we are not entered in the European football calendar.

from the point of view of opponents of synthetics the main terrible argument - travmoopasnost such covering. For example, players a Rostselmash after game complained of a pain in ahillovyh sinews. Inventors of an up-to-date plastic lawn flaunt statistics which proves that it is several times more safe for knee joints, than a natural glade.

the author of the first a silicone goal rostovchanin Andrey Akopjants has told literally the following:

- In the second time I have definitively adapted to a lawn and have hammered. The professional should act well on any field. However I can not tell what to play synthetics to me it was pleasant. At the height of summer to run on an artificial field which even does not smell as a grass, - it is illogical.

developers, having learnt about last remark, have assured that will water a synthetic grass with a special deodorant with a smell of new-mown hay.