Rus News Journal

And they have less brothel?

Vladimir POZNER, the TV presenter:

- Me does not interest at all, a leah is there a brothel or not. And here that Swisses began to accuse at once Russia, and many our citizens have agreed with it, it is interesting. West reaction speaks simply (at a word Russia at them association with something negative), and our reaction speaks about an enormous inferiority complex. And this subject is worthy that about it to speak, it to study.

Victor AVILOV, the actor:

- They fine are able to hide that at them is not less a brothel. And we parade the brothel.

Anatoly KVOCHUR, the merited test pilot of the USSR, the Hero of Russia:

- In the sky over countries of Western Europe - huge intensity of air traffic. Culture of management of it and a hardware of a management of flights are at enough high level. But also there there are serious failures. More often - for the reason the human factor . Sloppiness is not only Russian, and the international phenomenon.

Michel DANDRE, the correspondent of the Belgian radio station art plus :

- the Brothel, of course, is! Both in Belgium, and in other countries of Western Europe annually there are every possible states of emergency because of people. Some years ago on the Swiss border the Belgian bus with children has got to a major accident on a high-speed highway. Policemen have forgotten to put a sign warning that journey on road is closed.

novel KACHANOV, the director:

- I go on the world much, was at many airports of the western cities. I will tell directly: they have more brothel. To simply us the brothel is lovelier, and local we try not to notice.

Victor ANPILOV, the party leader Labour Russia :

- it is Less, because they do not send the children in our health resorts the Eaglet and artek . And we have practically destroyed the system of children`s camps. Therefore are urged to carry children at the other end of the world. Bolshego public idiocy to think up difficultly.

Victor GUSEV, the sports television commentator of ORT, a press - the attache of Russian national team in Japan:

- I can not tell unequivocally, it is more at them than a disorder or less, but that at us in many spheres depends on the human factor much more, than in Europe, and furthermore, say, in Japan or Korea is absolutely exact.

Bari ALIBASOV, the producer of group On - On :

- Together with group On - On I any time lived in America and I want to tell that they have less than brothel. There the law defines behaviour system, and at us - is not present. And after all where the law operates, always there is more than order.

Rustam ARIFDZHANOV, the chief - the editor of holding Top secret :

- In the West there is a system of double standards. Concerning the they are always extremely attentive and responsible. But we the such. For example, until recently in our hostels for inhabitants of the CIS, Russians and foreigners there were different tariffs. And to citizens, let us assume, Mongolia we concern absolutely on - to another, than the same Americans.

Yury the ROD, the singer, the composer:

- it is Less, at least because they are ready to pay indemnification. Then Germans have tried to do the utmost to facilitate destiny of relatives of victims. While Ukrainians when have brought down the plane, even tried a month otbrykivatsja from the fault and, as far as I know, have not paid indemnification till now. And at us with them, whatever one may do, mentality is identical.