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Galina Beljaeva: All my children - from beloveds

who from actresses is rare the maximum for two children ventures. Three is and exploit at all of which it is capable unless Demi Moore in the presence of Bruce Willis. And so, at our Russian actress Galina Beljaevoj, played leading roles in films My tender and gentle beast Ah, a vaudeville, a vaudeville... Anna Pavlova imagine, children four! Already for one only it it is possible to give the State award.

I have hardly squeezed into a make-up room. The huge snow-white skirt - a crinoline, hanging on a hanger disturbed. From - for it actress Galina Beljaeva has looked out. In new performance of Majakovki - to the Marriage on Gogol - she plays the bride, merchant daughter Agafju Tihonovnu. As there at the classic - And the bride - that is good. Such rozanchik!

I wanted to talk to Beljaevoj not so much about this to the Marriage how much about its marriage. And how she has dared to give birth to four children.

- usually actresses endow private life in favour of career...

- When I want the child, I have it. Even of a trade I do not think. Children are treasures. The it is more than them, the it would be desirable more.

- But it is important, that they were from darling.

- Certainly. Children should be only from favourite.

ah, these kosuli eyes...

Emil Lotjanu searched for the actress for a role Oleneks Skvortsovoj in a film My tender and gentle beast :

- Russian type of the girl is necessary To me. Something between Savelevoj and Samojlovoj.

Assistants have found in the Voronezh choreographic school 15 - the summer dancer. Lotjanu has seen on it is black - its white photo kosuli eyes... Also has there and then called the girl to Moscow.

movie tests at Gali Beljaevoj left awful. Near to Oleg Yankovsky in front of the chamber it has terribly quailed. But hudsovet its all - taki has confirmed.

after a film exit on screens Beljaeva has woken up the well-known. Its Olenek Skvortsova loved on the screen so as if all it was really.

- In fifteen years I yet did not have men whom I so frankly kissed, - the actress remembers.

actually then it has been enamoured. Only not in Oleg Yankovsky, and in director Emilja Lotjanu.

It there was a beautiful novel. Soon they have got married. Galja has moved to its one-room Moscow apartment where at them the son was born. It named in honour of the father - Emilem.

- Galina why you have left Lotjanu?

- When you marry for the first time, you think that for ever. Lotjanu - the first my man. I have met the interesting person, have fallen in love. For me divorce was the real tragedy. The especially general child... And Emil Vladimirovich did not want to get divorced. More likely, I did not have not enough worldly wisdom.

- were not frightened to leave in anywhere?

- Emil - the strong person and me has taught it. Perhaps we therefore have left that I wanted bolshej freedom. It after all is much more senior me. And I, as the little girl, should submit. Now I understand that it is necessary to be able to close on something eyes.

- the son maintains with the father of the relations?

- Yes, and very warm. Emilchik sometimes speaks: When I will have many money, I will necessarily shoot any good film. As the father .

to the Son already 22. It has ended Moscow State University faculty of law, the diploma on the five has protected. Two years as it is married.

Platon`s birth was wanted only by me

the Second child at Galina Beljaevoj has appeared, when it remained without the house and actually without work. While with the former spouse there was an exchange, Galina with children a vein on demountable apartment. The man from whom she has given birth to Platon, was the doctor.

- it though something helped you?

- we had difficult relations. We communicated long enough, but life joint did not leave. That the kid was born, was pure my desire. However, the father has given to the child the surname.

- time has wanted to leave the kid, means, any feelings to this man were?

- Certainly, were. But many women in such situation would not dare to give birth. When I have become pregnant, mum began to dissuade: What do you do? What horror!

- you are a desperate woman.

- I do not like to become limp and complain. All think that I live without difficulties. It does not mean that what I do not need, is absolutely healthy and I do not have depressions. Simply I do not want to be weak. And never thought that me will throw also I will be gone.

he has looked back to look, a leah has looked back it...

It needed to survive. She did not refuse neither any roles nor at theatre, at cinema. Younger took with itself.

In a film Lermontov it have removed in a role of newborn Lermontov. And in the Childhood of Bembi Platon flashes in episodes.

girlfriends felt sorry her: Galja to whom you are necessary in 28 years with two children?

... They have faced in the street. Casually. As in that song, he has looked back to look, a leah has looked back it... She - has looked back. The stranger has asked for it phone.

- it had such fair and pure eyes. I have told: Call me in a week. At ten o`clock mornings . Not to oversleep, Sergey has set an alarm clock.

- However, that it has come to you with one suitcase?

- With a sports handbag. It the student was, studied in the Moscow State University. Lived in a hostel. Sergey is more younger me for some years.

- and it has not confused you?

- Is not present. I at times feel with it the little girl. He has incurred at once all difficulties. Children still small were. Emilju - nine, to Platon - four. I worked in the evenings at theatre, and he of their soaps, fed and to sleep stacked. When we declared Emilchiku that we want to get married, that has told: No to be on friendly terms - be on friendly terms, and it is not necessary to marry . Then nevertheless has blest.

... Soon they narodili a two more - Anna and Markela. Younger now three years.

Sergey has opened the manufacture, has started to publish books. Became the succeeding businessman. The family from Moscow has moved to a country house.

- Galina, be not afraid of envy?

- I Am afraid. Me often ask: why I do not go on parties? Therefore I do not go. It is too much insincerity, hypocrisy. I will better hang out in a circle of the family.

- as with stolkimi children cope?

- Sometimes I happen in despair that I am not able to nurture them. They at me all with character.

- men of means now get the nurse...

- we had a nurse. But who can be better than the grandmother native?! When to me it was difficult, mum always was a number. And more my close girlfriend - the leading actress of Theatre on Small Bronnoj Larissa Bogoslovsky.

- the husband at you - the handsome man. Feelings of jealousy did not arise?

- As did not arise! I know that it interesting. For certain it is pleasant to women. And it can have hobbies. But he values a family. Then what for him to torment suspicions?

- you would not like to alter something in the life?

- Is not present. In performance the Islander One heroine speaks: I was married three times. But about what I do not feel sorry. It is necessary to live, that all to endure .

If I did not have antecedents, would not be also present. I very much value that I have. And anything myself any more I do not wish.

At the best our actresses dare to have two children

Evgenie Simonov admitted that in it the parent instinct has always been strongly developed. She has given birth to the first daughter Zoe the student, being married for director Alexander Kajdanovsky. Younger Masha was born, when the actress has married film director Andrey Eshpaja, the son of the well-known composer.

at Sofiko Chiaureli two adult sons from marriage with director George Shengelaja. However, that marriage has broken up, and Sofiko now the wife of known actor Kote Maharadze.

artist Nikolay Dvigubsky was Irina Kupchenko`s First husband. However two sons at the actress have appeared, when known actor Vasily Lanovoy became her husband.

two children - the daughter and the son - were born at Olga Ostroumovoj and director TJUZa of Michael Levitina. Several years ago their union has broken up, but another was created - with Valentine Gaftom.