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What for have unrolled a lip ?

on June, 30th, 2002 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed the decree 671 about changes in obshchevoinskih charters of Armed forces of the Russian Federation. The order of the Minister of Defence of the country these changes have begun with the beginning of July to work in armies and on fleet.

1. Whom now can put on a lip ? And who?

Commanders have now no right to put the guilty subordinates on a guardroom (the soldier - the contract employee there could send for 7 days, and srochnika - on 10). On a guardroom those military men who are detained on suspicion in commission of crime can contain henceforth only or are detained under the judgement. Now only judges, inspectors, public prosecutors or investigators can make such decision.

2. Why the authorities on it have gone right now?

In Russia are confirmed new Criminally - remedial and Administrative codes. And in obshchevoinskih charters positions contained, which contradicted codes (turned out that on the citizen and in army on - to a miscellaneous approached to punishment of citizens for order and discipline infringements). These scissors brought different interpretations in the rights of the civil and military person. Them also have decided to eliminate.

3. What time now guilty (or the suspect) the military man can be on a guardroom?

Under the judgement the guilty military man can knock about on to a lip no more than 48 hours. But if and after that the court has decided to take for final decision acceptance suspected or accused under guards on it it is taken away yet more than 72 hours. In total - no more than 5 days.

the decision on term prolongation should be accepted court before the expiration of first two days. If it has not occurred, the person are obliged to set free. However, if detained accused (or the suspect) the military man from any tmutarakani from - for non-flying weathers, acts of nature on roads or the rivers not can to deliver in due time in a pre-trial detention centre it can kantovatsja on local to a lip and till 30 days.

4. And if the military man is guilty, already sitting on to a lip ?

If there was a so-called additional arrest now it is excellent earlier. If the military man is at fault once again, already being in to bondage guardroom command brings an action against it the claim which will make the new decision.

5. A leah will put on a guardroom of officers and ensigns?

This disciplinary norm is cancelled still in 1980 - h. (There was a period when the senior officers - from the major to the colonel - could sit till 5 days, and younger - from the lieutenant to the captain - to 10. the Tchervonets Could receive and the ensign.) For a long time house arrest is excellent also. Now for re-education of the careless are used humane means - reprimands, deprivations of awards, a delay of ranks, refusal in the right to enter academy.

6. When in the Russian army there were first guardrooms?

Guardrooms have appeared in our army at Peter I. The officers who have got under anger of commanders from - for inefficiencies, heedlessness or drunkenness were their first inhabitants. The soldier then on a lip did not put - them punished blows of ramrods (shpitsrutenov), driving through a system.

both in XIX, and in the XX-th centuries garrison and ship guardrooms have found sad glory small prisons (such institutions the most furious commanders) usually ordered. That in imperial that during the Soviet period on guardrooms of people broke (For increase of efficiency of re-education strewed a floor in chambers bleaching powder and watered it, forcing people to inhale caustic gas). Sitting on guardrooms until recently were gratuitous labour: arrested persons were thrown on building of summer residences, houses, the greenhouses, by some chiefs sold them for a while to directors of factories, at which burnt the plan.