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The heat pulls on a bottom

On lake White (East joint-stock company of Moscow) where muzhiks poiskovo - life-saving station (PSS) " work; Kosino there is a tablet on a column. There black on the rusty it is written: the Place for bathing - 200 m - also it is specified by arrows, where exactly there is this place. But the open space is necessary to the Russian person, and that smothering will wither: the crowd of half-naked people was stretched on lake coast White a minimum on half-kilometre, not including the small groups which have chosen opposite coast.

at mooring PSS on a small wave two rocked veselnye boats and a boat. And nearby there was a wooden construction with stationary matjugalnikom - an observant tower on which here three days on end with a break on scandals with having a rest Serega with the field-glass sat. Behind Seregi a small house with a first-aid post and the diving equipment. The first - for with whom the rescuer has sworn too late; The second - for poor fellows who already never with anybody will not quarrel, unless with the Lord.

and around all boiled: life, passions, brains...

- yes for God`s sake, be on duty! - chief PSS " was delighted; Kosino Victor Semenov. - And that at me recently the person has left, now shortage of the personnel.

we have put on life jackets, have plunged into a boat and accompanied by the professional have gone on fishing. More precisely, on ljudalku - in waters of lake of people floats more than fishes.

only have given the ends as at once it became clear that clients at us though take away. We even have slightly become puzzled: from the general jamb lapping in legal fifty - sixty metres from coast, fifteen have beaten off a minimum the person. Their useless wet heads stuck out over water in pairs, continually butting.

- Kiss, - has defined Serega. - Well kiss, kiss... Not for long to you remains. There below just keys beat: a foot spasm will reduce - and greetings to a family.

- well and what Neptune you here lap? - We have tenderly taken an interest, having reached the first pair of goals. - Here on a broader scale it is impossible to bathe. Here on bank with acetone, for example, it is written: it is impossible to Drink - you after all do not drink it. What`s the matter now, a head napeklo?

Raznopolye of a head have started up large bubbles and the land began to leave towards.

whom to nail, we have solved not at once. Whether group of the juvenile children who have hired a catamaran (and who only has given?!) Behind which their companion floated, every second risking to receive blades on a head. Whether three drifting goofs - off of years of sixteen, barring to the friend a way to a beach and joyfully guffawing, looking, as unfortunate flounders on - dog (depth - 15 metres). As a result it was necessary to use a megaphone and to threaten all merry fellows with a militia call. Like has got.

to base came back silently - estimated about itself, how much still the citizens excited with the sun, will arrange stupid igrishcha on water. And on an observant tower overstrained matjugalnik: At rescue drowning it is necessary to be released from capture and to help it to reach coast! Do not forget: it will help you to save human life which is invaluable!

- here that, after 9 o`clock in the evening the open cafe will start to trade in vodka, - with a sigh Victor Semenov has informed us, - and will arrive shashlychniki, too not with lemonade. Will be loaded on the tonsils and will get to bathe.

If to me have allowed to put a grid metres in ten from coast! It would turn out excellent a splash pool for drunks.

and everyone who near coast does not sink at once, considers itself(himself) as Ihtiandrom. On somebody who too far have swum away, you will shout, and he responds you: I supposedly the master of sports on water polo. Here such masters usually also sink - probably, the ball is not present, for which it is possible to keep. One of these characters when it to coast dotolkali, all continued to work as hands as a dredge, - whole mini - the open-cast mine has dug.

rescued here one recently; only have started to pump out, and three here come bratka also declare: you of that here do? We heated it, heated, and all of you have spoilt! horror. I at life-saving station work 14 years, and such was not.

and At this time
Convicts cool down under the fan
Muscovites transfer a heat stoically. Under the statement of the head physician Moscow First aid Igor Elkisa, quantity of calls in Fast stably, about five and a half thousand calls a day. negusto in the Moscow reservoirs with drowned men. Past Thursday four have sunk all, and one of them has choked in own bath. But capital pre-trial detention centres have operatively reacted to a heat. Yesterday in a press - to service of Management of execution of punishments across Moscow of Ministry of Justice of Russia have informed that long daily walks spend now twice a day. In chambers have put fans and have resolved aerated water.