Rus News Journal

Hunting behind phone

In a pursuit of men...

I Take on business favourite Strindberga - with it to me will be not so terribly. Sashka, bashfully covering a tattoo, uses foul language nearby:

- You still would take a small volume of Mandelshtama! Would go here and into eyes went: and remember, on page 243 a sonnet... At - at - at! The intellectual you want to look?

we throw a coin: an eagle - reshka. To me drops out to stick the first. Here all mine a victim the complete list.

the tired head of the big family

the Man with string-bags napereves heavy goes to the Belarus station. I attack it with manjacheskim shine in eyes:

- you very much were pleasant to me! You - the most beautiful, which...

the poor creature is frightened so that hardly does not let go a string-bag, and flies to escape across to a trolley bus.

morals: Do not show to the man as it is strong it to you it is pleasant.

the businessman of the Scandinavian type

Classical Help me even in fatal lamentation Svetlichnoj beats till now on the spot. Judge.

- you are not able to choose apricots? - Helplessly I blink. He smiles:

- Now we will understand. They should be yellow, round...

I go to solving attack and I become even more helplessly:

- you know, apricots are only an occasion...

- I have guessed. We meet today?

the Conclusion: Ask to help urgently to you - but better it is not material.

the young man with a roll of money

Lines has pulled Sanju to show to me on the young man wrapping in an exchanger with a pack napereves.

- the Euro and dollars will soon fail, - I climb to it in soul. - but considerably will grow Belarus zajchiki . Now I will help you to exchange denominations at a sparing course...

the guy is mistrustfully mown, suffices the pack two hands and will run. Looks around, sees my sight of the missed hunter and already precisely knows that I am a speculator near the station.

do not aim impudently on its purse! Look " is better; to object in eyes also smile.

the guitarist of group the Cheshire cat

- Oh, and you the present musician? You, probably, the winner of the award of Tchaikovsky!

Eugene with a guitar behind shoulders smiles and calls for the weekend to Rybinsk, on fate - festival; gives mobile phone number in exchange for mine. I am happy.

while photographer Ilya changes a film, I give thanks to Meshkova for excellent days off who lay ahead me on its favour.

- and so with whom you will drink my champagne! - Sanja guesses.

Find an occasion to admire its talents or at least the non-standard socks painted with lilac snails.

the manager from RTR

- I the assistant producer, - rings metal my voice. - the hero - the lover for a serial " is necessary to us; Last spring of the lieutenant Rzhev .

- Understand, I have, - the interlocutor with a case, in deaf dark glasses, - I the system administrator from RTR has begged, without me there all will fail...

yours faithfully I lag behind the occupied person.

offer it interesting business. At least burning a vacation package to Gelendzhik which to you absolutely could not be put. Cases when after such offers gentlemen took " are known; gelendzhikskie expenses on; and at people absolutely unexpected, wonderful joint holiday turned out!

PICK - UP - so game is called. Who of more phones for a time unit will type - that and has won. We have a little bit complicated rules: Larissa Vasileva chooses on the Leningrad prospectus object of acquaintance of Sashe Meshkovu, it - to it. Who of more phones will type from five attempts, that and has defeated. A prize - a champagne bottle.

... And girls

- that kadri! - Larissa specifies in the first object to me.

- you che, such thick! - I was indignant. - you scoff over me! Yes she with me on one meadow to sleep nearby will not lay down!

- give, give! - she orders, crookedly grinning, and voluptuously hands rubs.

- the girl! It is possible for you to set a question very good! - I come from the left edge.

- well give, if good, - she has agreed, looking askance, low head naklonja.

- I for go-cart racing form the command for the weekend. Amateur. Girls do not suffice. There simply it is necessary to drive to steam of circles, and then - a banquet. And more on two thousand will pay.

- that so is not enough?

- to the Winner - ten! - I have any way raised the rate.

- is not present, the young man. It will not turn out. I the woman family, burdened with cares of children and the husband.

- it is a pity, - with feeling I have told. - with you we could defeat. Well, well! Give at least phone, at the worst! I will call you!

mother of family has only measured me with a fleer.

but the following girl was the beauty. For such I and without dispute has gone to fire and water.

- Pojdemte in theatre! - I have exclaimed. Also has added considerably: - in Big!

she has looked at me with doubt. Vest, shorts, hendy popisany, haer on a broader scale is absent.

- yes you be not stirred! I have a suit! Specially for theatre!

- I go to sports hall, - it cut off.

- it is good! Give I to you I will call as - nibud, and we will go another time!

- I Am afraid, my husband will not countenance!

and it is correct: the rare husband will countenance such invention. I have mentally congratulated the unfamiliar lucky beggar. With the following girl there was a whole kilometre, convincing to go with me on an exhibition of the hydraulic equipment. The counter was that to each visitor ostensibly the hydraulic pump capacity in 150 horsepowers free of charge stood out But the girl was seduced with honour to become the owner of so powerful pump. Perhaps, I not offer that? - the thought in the inflamed brain feverishly fought.

and then I have unexpectedly met the destiny. Good such, kind girl. Phone to me has given. In sense - number, certainly. Well, at last - that! Also has comprehended then I true: the is more often you do attempts, the it is more probability of that one of these attempts will be included. So, my friends, try, smile, get acquainted, improve a demographic situation in our distressful country! The main thing to do it with kind heart and without malicious intention. As I. And I have lost a bottle of sparkling Lariske. It at two muzhiks phones nadybala. And the clown with it, with a bottle.

P. S. On a broader scale, it is necessary to notice, - the remarkable newspaper: like you on work and at the same time suit the destiny.