Rus News Journal

In rybnadzor on Ruze do not shoot

... Dan the order to it - on the West

- On Ruzu will go. There is data that there is sick of networks abuses, - the chief operative rybinspektsii " has set the task; mosrybvoda Sergey Mitin.

at a quarter past nine p.m. motorka has been shipped on a trailer which have fastened to Gazelles and blue patrol (there was in Soviet period such concept so do not think anything bad) as a part of three inspectors - Roofing felts, Jury, Igor and the correspondent - has left from base rublevskoj rybinspektsii on the West.

we have come across the first poachers on the Ruzsky water basin, at all without lowering motorki on water. Old the Field at coast, two young children drag a rubber boat from water.

- good evening, than we are engaged?

- yes we go for a drive... Local, with Ruzy.

Through pair minutes of Roofing felt finds in coastal thickets some the big strong bags in which usually pack networks. We begin luggage carrier examination Fields about illegally caught. The canister, a jack - it is empty.

- yes do not search, muzhiks. All of us as you have seen have drowned, - one of guys gloomy drops.

- instead of it is a pity to a network - that?

- It is a pity. And what to do...

well, innocent until proven guilty and to go for a drive in the evening on a picturesque water smooth surface it is forbidden to nobody.

The it is far not a new patrol boat we float already in the dark, by the light of headlights Gazelles . Then, already by moonlight, on small to a course we go, nestling on low coast. So is more imperceptible. Roofing felt corrects a boat, and Jura probes the blacked out water mirror in the field-glass. I, by itself, all burn with expectation of pursuits and fights with artful poachers. However the pair prazdnoshatajushchihsja boats with podguljavshimi inhabitants of coastal rest houses comes across only.

sturgeon is more cheaply...

I already start to doze sadly when Jura painfully pushes me sideways:

- Here they, villains Andryukha! You have waited.

instantly I come to the senses and I see that we motorka promptly flies up to rubber lodochke from which two muzhiks extend a network from water. In scaffold loops hard moves semistrangled fish.

overtaken behind fishing with use of the forbidden tools lova inhabitants of Volokolamsk Andrey and Leha give in without a fight. Muzhiks only are stunned fairly:

- you whence undertook? At all of us say that is not present on Ruze rybnadzora supposedly have left all.

- and we from Moscow, from Rublyov.

- here it that... Operative inspection. Well, have got... - Grow dark rybachki and are silent all road while we tow the detained boat to coast.

ashore poachers almost on knees fall, when Jura starts to make the report. Each illegally caught pike perch or shchuchka pull on 250 roubles. Arithmetics simple: 20 big fishes - 5 thousand roubles of the penalty. Leshchi more cheaply - all on 25 rublikov.

- E - eh, on such money sturgeon could guzzle every day, - harm spits out Leha. - And now the wife from the house will expel. Muzhiks, leave though on two small fishes home. We thought, are not present rybnadzora...

- Where there is a fish, there is and rybnadzor! - sacramentally declares Roofing felt, but nevertheless allows a grief - to take away to fishermen even on three sudachka to the mistresses. From fishing empty - a bad sign...

all. Legal affairs are finished. Penal receipts are handed over poachers, and we load in motorku 12 networks on 50 metres (600 metres of all!) And the lowered rubber boat. They will receive it back when will pay the penalty and more from 100 to 1000 roubles for infringement of rules of fishery.

as fishes rybnadzor

6. 20 mornings. The wind has abated, over a water basin unruffled surface fragmentary shreds of a fog curl. It is time in a way back.

- and now and it is necessary to fish, - Jura grins and throws in water unprecedented tackle: steel a cat on a strong rope. - Perhaps also will get that, in sense - to a network.

on small to a course we go in a trawler mode and soon we catch two pritoplennye networks. We cut off knifes and it is sent on a bottom. On a snag sticking out in the middle of a gulf scaffold scraps are visible.

- before a network knitted all the winter long. Has withdrawn such or cut off - and has degreased the poacher. And now on sale Chinese disposable grids in bulk, and on cheap stuff. It is difficult to struggle, - the inspector sighs.

the old man Has thrown a seine... And rybnadzor it has withdrawn
From the beginning of year rybinspektora mosrybvoda :
have stopped 5174 infringements of rules of fishery;
have fined 4874 persons for a total sum over 1 million roubles;
have confiscated 4382 kgs of fish; have withdrawn 2470 networks, nonsense and seines (each network in length from 5 to 150 metres), and also 116 jail and bagrilok, 562 fish-traps and traps, 31 an electrofishing tackle ;
have passed in investigating bodies for excitation of criminal cases on the facts of poaching of 77 materials to 107 persons.