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It has crippled the life, rescuing us from the world of mutants

In 18 years Edward have called up for military service. There was it in 1986. And in two months uchebki letters home have ceased to come. Has much passed time while mother exhausted with expectation has received a news from Chernobyl. There, in the world of mutants as soldiers Chernobyl named, have sent its favourite son with seven friends to liquidate failure consequences at nuclear station. The consent of children nobody asked. Yes they also did not contradict - it is necessary, means, it is necessary.

That has forced commanders to send boys to a dangerous zone - a riddle. But, speak, in Chernobyl was only eight yellow-beaked srochnikov - liquidators. Among them - Edward Bogdanov. Probably, there were no people. Have chosen the most meek, from poor families.

lived in tents. Every day left by the car on station. Before an exit object put on gauze muzzles White jackets, trousers and the old cotton linen impregnated as spoke, lead. However, guys would try h/ not to put on. From it the skin became covered by spots and started to be scratched strongly.

them instructed: to follow in the tracks one after another, not to suffice too an irradiation heavy dose. A route preliminary showed on the TV.

tell-tales left in different areas, vystrelivali tags with devices for definition of level of radiating conditions. After a while there arrived other group and read from instrument devices. They washed with rags a concrete floor at the station. About that, how much radiating background exceeded all legal norms, it is possible to judge on time which was taken away on performance of each task - from 3 till 15 minutes. If had not time to keep within, the order was to come back immediately. And on task end there was a following. While one worked, other seven waited in a special room. To fall outside the limits a premise it was forbidden categorically - it is life-threatening.

the heads in the world of mutants changed once a month. So it was necessary: has typed a certain share of an irradiation - it is free. It is impossible more. And about group Bogdanova as if have forgotten. There were months, there has come winter. To children only have warmed tent boards and have put inside burzhujku .

- Weakness was terrible, - Edward remembers. - it would be desirable to sleep constantly. And once in the morning at me a throat blood has gone. I have approached and harknul to the chief of a staff under feet. Next day all of us have taken out from a zone and have scattered by different parts.

about medical examination there was no also a speech. Once took blood on the analysis, but on results have not informed.

has served. Has returned to native village. It was learnt on the driver. Married. Daughter Kristinka was born. Live, apparently, rejoice. Here - that also has begun. One is heavier than illness another. In 30 years to Edward of a distance 2 - ju group and pension: 700 roubles on physical inability, 200 (!) - For Chernobyl.

now medical assistance is required to Edward even more often. And phone (though it also is put to Bogdanovu as to the liquidator of failure) is not present, 15 years stand in a queue. Free medicines are put also, but in their drugstore never happens. Two boxes have given out. They have sufficed all for 10 days. Though course of treatment - some times for 4 months. Now life 33 - the summer man depends on several boxes with tablets and operation. To two it have already made. The third - last, paid. Doctors speak: it is necessary 7 - 8 thousand dollars.

- yes whence I such money will take? - Bogdanov is distressed. - I also am glad itself to earn. But where? And the main thing, how? After all constantly blood from a throat. And here at Kristinki with health it is not got on. For what it to me? Really what fairly ministered, without setting questions?

people, it has made everything that our country did not become terrible the world of mutants . He did not feel sorry forces on rescue of others. Now it is necessary to rescue him.

the address: to Bogdanovu Edward Anatolevichu, p/ about the White mount, d. 14, sq. 63, Ruzsky r - n, Moscow Region.