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Skoda Fabia Greenline: from London to Prague on one bowl

In the Western Europe started sales of the non-polluting version of the versatile person of Skoda Fabia II Combi Greenline.

the Car is equipped 1,2-litre three-cylinder turbodiezelem with power of 75 l. With. Also it is offered at the price from 16700 euros . The moderated road gleam distinguishes From the usual versatile person an innovation, tyres with low resistance to rolling by dimension 195/55 R15 and the additional aerodynamic elements ensuring a smaller air resistance.

In a model construction there was a system stop/start , disconnecting the engine at short-time stops, system of a recuperation of energy of braking action and the gauge of the recommended transfer. All it allowed to reduce a fuel rate to 3,4 l by 100 km in a combined cycle that in turn allows overcomes on one bowl (45) distance from London to Prague (1300 km) without a refuelling.

In October of this year on help to the versatile person comes 5-dvernyj a hatchback Fabia Greenline II .