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Skoda: the share of consumer autocrediting

From December, 1 till December, 31st, 2009 Open Companies Europenalties together with Open Society the Plus Bank carry out the share of consumer autocrediting.

C on December, 1st on all territory of Ukraine in a dealer network of Open Company « » it is possible to gain in the credit any car of a lineup of Skoda on beneficial terms.

the Main feature of the given proposal is the low interest rate - 9,9 % at crediting for the term up to 12 months. crediting is executed in grivna, advance payment constitutes 30 %, for credit distribution the commission at a rate of 2 % from a total sum is levied. The main requirements to borrowers are the obligatory insurance of the HULL INSURANCE and MTPL in the insurance companies accredited in Open Society « » a life assurance of the borrower (2 % from the credit sum) - on request of bank or at will of the borrower.

Advantages autocrediting are fast decision-making concerning credit distribution, a capability of granting of the credit in a showroom (needlessly to visit bank), a capability of an advanced repayment of the credit without penalty provisions, absence of an obligatory notarys certificate of the agreement (pledge), and also the minimum list of required documents.