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Small troubles on shootings Top Gear: James Mej visited the Syrian hospital

Incident during shootings of special Christmas episode Top Gear became the Reason.

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to Troy gallant men from well-known automobile teleshow, by request of the producers departed to Syrian desert to indulge the admirers with special hot extension during an expected Christmas icy cold. Under the scenario, it should be travel of three bible magicians. Naturally, they had a desire to call in far away. And it is besides natural, for the sake of a fineness of events somebody should stick. In one of such incidents, where a role « неудачника » got to Jeremiah Klarksonu , its car should be pulled out from a ravine in tow.

unfortunately, James Mej , administering process, chose an unsuccessful position, and the stretched rope rejected it aside. Heading about a stone forced to worry enough all film crew: To the nearest civilisation there were hundreds miles. The British hospitalised in local clinic with the brain concussion diagnosis, in passing superimposing some seams and conducting head scanning. However, James is not inclined to dramatize a situation. As he said, Syrians simply « обрадовались to try capabilities new сканер » .