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Works on restoration of a line Don after a transition collapse will be conducted all the day long

« continues to watch a situation round a collapse of a land pedestrian crossing on 22 - m line kilometre « Don ». We will remind that on June, 10th about the half fifth morning the driver of truck KAMAZ on obscure while to the reasons has driven under the foot bridge with the lifted body, from - for what there was a design collapse.

- the concrete bridge has fallen directly upon a truck cabin, the driver has died on the spot, - has told « » the head of department of the information and public relations Evgenie Gildeev. - at once three lanes of motor transport As a result have been blocked. Journey on this site is temporarily suspended, therefore on road considerable stoppers have accumulated. From 8 mornings on a place works on line clearing are conducted, 3 elevating cranes work. Judging by scale of a collapse of work can be tightened on all the day.

Inspectors of traffic police situated near Moscow I advise to drivers to choose alternative ways of journey. To go round a jam it is possible around 32 - go kilometre towards Old Kashirsky highway and around 50 - go kilometre on the Small concrete ring towards the Simferopol and Ryazan highway.

Movement to Moscow on line 4 is blocked from - for failures