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As the Amur governor sees ours with you the future


« I Consider that the most important problem at us one, the general – to create such conditions of residing in region that all 829 with small thousand amurchan (it agree to the data of census of 2010), connected the future with Priamurem, did not leave the small native land, and adequately lived here, worked, gave birth to children.

the Quantity of our inhabitants since 2002 has decreased more than for 8 %, i.e. almost on 74 thousand persons. Not to mention that else 12 years lived in area over one million amurchan back! Only for last year Priamure has missed almost five thousand inhabitants. As to birth rate and death rate by 2010 they were approximately made even – both indicators left on level of 13 persons on one thousand. That pleases, birth rate has a little raised. The birth rate factor has increased by 0,8 % in comparison with 2009 and has made 13,3 %.

But that the situation has really changed also decline in population has confidently gone on the recession, one measures which have dot character, there is not enough – it is necessary to solve in a complex a huge circle system socially - economic problems … otherwise and we will lose ahead of time old men and children, to see off the best professional shots in other cities - regions, to be reconciled how villages collapse and thrown stand idle hundred thousand hectares of farmland. As thousand our fellow countrymen or huddle in houses which were time for taking down for a long time, or at all have no own roof over the head. As on the next coast of the Cupid all is more beautifully shone by multi-coloured fires a fast-growing modern city, and Blagoveshchensk therefrom looks much more modest. So should not be and, it is convinced, will not be ».


« For development of local public health services at the expense of all sources of financing it will be allocated over five billions roubles. I consider it as our general big achievement …

last year have been opened modern warmly - the vascular centres: regional - on the basis of OGUZ « the Amur regional clinical hospital » and three primary vascular branches in cities Free, Rajchihinske, Blagoveshchensk. Two centres of health for adults in Blagoveshchensk and Free successfully work. Two children`s centres of health in Belogorsky city hospital, children`s polyclinic on 450 visitations in day in Belogorske, interdistrict medical - the diagnostic case on 65 cots of the Ivanovo central regional hospital are created. Are finished major repairs of a balneal clinic « Gonzha » building reconstruction under placing of polyclinic for Tyndinsky central regional hospital. Prepare for delivery local hospital on 46 cots and an ambulance station on 80 visitations in change in with. Porridge of Zejsky area. In 2010 it was conducted and this year building of the surgical case on 250 cots of the Amur regional children`s clinical hospital and the surgical block on 300 cots of the Blagoveshchensk city clinical hospital &hellip proceeds;

work on information of medical institutions, introduction of electronic medical cards and teleconsultations in a mode it - a line with experts of the best clinics of area and the country &hellip is now spent; In the nearest year - two all inhabitants of Priamurja can register in an appointment through the Internet. First signs of similar progressive practice already are among establishments of public health services of Blagoveshchensk (in regional clinical hospital and onkodispansere), in Belogorske and Belogorsky area, in Tynda …

… One more good news – this year incomes of doctors of narrow specialities will raise. The size of additional monetary payments in 2011 will make not less than 8 thousand 600 roubles for doctors and 4 thousand 300 roubles – for average medical workers. Recalculation will be made since January, 1st of current year ».


« Increase of a salary waits soon and teachers … Salaries will raise taking into account the individual contribution of each teacher. Instead of the tariff icon setting the base rate to which various extra charges and stimulating payments depending on individual work and out-of-school work of teachers increase will operate. The financial requirement makes over 232 million roubles.

In 2010 instead of emergency school in with. Daktuj Magdagachinsky area it is erected mobile bystrorazvorachivaemyj an educational complex of general educational high school to 100 pupils. The first stage of a building of average comprehensive school with a class of preschool education in is placed in operation with. Zarechnom Belogorsky area. After major repairs end has begun work the Amur military school …

In area educational clusters will be created, each of which will unite the base branch enterprises and vocational training establishments. Instead of 20 educational institutions functioning today, since September, 1st, 2011 preparation of experts will be carried out by six incorporated professional lycees and two professional schools. I want to underline that association of educational institutions, instead of their reduction » will be spent;.


« This question we densely are engaged and have achieved a second year, I consider, quite good indicators. As a result of the spent work in 2010 it is returned in system of preschool education two buildings of the former kindergartens, 40 additional groups in kindergartens, 17 preschool groups at schools, 49 groups of short-term abiding of children in educational institutions of different types, 14 groups of preschool preparation are opened. Thus, it is created over two thousand occasional seats for preschool children. For these measures it has been allocated in total over 158 million roubles. In 2011 work on reconstruction and building of kindergartens, and also development of other forms of preschool education, including not state child care centres and family kindergartens proceeds. We plan to enter about 2 295 places, and in 2012 should close completely this problem ».


« In 2010 in area territory it is placed in operation 166 thousand in sq. m of habitation that makes almost 111 % to level of 2009. By individual builders it is placed in operation 36,4 thousand in sq. m of a total area of habitation … building of 230 thousand in sq. m of habitation this year Is planned, with annual increase in volumes on 70 - 80 thousand in sq. m. About 35 thousand families for the next five years can improve the living conditions ».


« While the potential share of families of Priamurja having possibility to get habitation under existing mortgage programs, roughly makes no more than 20 %. Of 80 % a mortgage independently will not pull the others, incomes do not allow. Therefore the decision on scale building of habitation ekonomklassa with introduction energo - saving up technologies, on the one hand, and acceptance at regional level of legislative measures of support for the population, wishing to improve residing conditions, - with another, should in a year - two to change a situation to the best ».


« the difficult situation in Open Company « Russia » suspended building of nine apartment houses which was conducted with attraction of means of citizens … From above 900 amurchan remained without the paid apartments because of a firm management - the bankrupt …

Now building of houses is conducted by firm « Amurstroj » have begun with completion of objects of high degree of readiness more likely to finish their commissioning. This year should hand over 4 houses, till the end of 2012 it expected to construct the remained. All without an exception the shareholders who have got under action of the regional law, will be provided by habitation in completed houses or will obtain monetary compensation on habitation acquisition …

the area Government also renders assistance to builders of Open Company « the Guarantee » and ARO « Union MZHK of Russia » On research of money resources on completion of apartment houses which they conduct. A multiroom apartment house « Union MZHK of Russia » should hand over not later than June, 10th, now there eliminate subquality work » …


« First 500 million roubles the regional government has already allocated for building of houses. Receipt of 212 million roubles from the federal budget within the limits of federal target programs is expected. In total till 2015 the total sum of expenses under this program will make more than 6 billion roubles. Anywhere in Russia similar scale buildings now are not conducted » …


« this year in Blagoveshchensk it is put in operation new modern fizkulturno - an improving complex « the Youth » almost on 800 persons. The next years there will be new sports objects, in particular, around stadium « the Cupid » This year building of the modern will begin is sports - an improving complex on 1500 places, new stadium in microdistrict « Amurselmash » the cities of Belogorska. There is a documentary work on swimming pool building in Uglegorsk, there is begun extension building to swimming pool « Hope » in Blagoveshchensk and swimming pool in Belogorske. In 2012 is planned to begin building of pool for AmGU.

the sponsor - the company « is already found; Transneft » - for financing of works on building of mountain-skiing descent in Natalino. The Earth is allocated, deputies the decision on allocation of sponsor`s means - 18 million roubles - on descent with the lift and an infrastructure is accepted. By new year should hand over object ».


« Now Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the regional government develops the scale investment project on creation of the largest joint Russian - the Chinese tourist centre on the basis of transboundary agglomeration « Blagoveshchensk - Hejhe ».

Among concrete objects which in the nearest some years should appear in Priamure, - a modern museum of natural history and creation on its base « Park of the cretaceous period » with an exposition of the dinosaurs residing in region earlier. It is supposed to construct also park « Space odisseja » in which breadboard models of space technics will be collected, departures on the cosmodrome East therefrom will be organised. Should be created and a complex « Russian village » with a museum of wooden architecture where it will be possible to plunge into household and cultural conditions of residing of our ancestors. It is supposed that all three parks will settle down in territory in 200 hectares on northern suburb of Blagoveshchensk, the ground area under these purposes is already reserved ».

About the PRICES

« Cost of the minimum set of foodstuff on the average on area in the end of December, 2010 made 2865 roubles. The given indicator is one of the lowest in Far East federal district … Between commodity producers, the wholesale organisations and retail networks the agreement in which frameworks of the party were obliged not to suppose economically unreasonable increase in cost price of production has been signed, and trading extra charges on socially significant foodstuff not to lift above than on 10 % - 15 %. It would be quite good to add such experience to the arsenal to a management of the oil and refuelling companies that it was not necessary to lead up a situation with sharp jump of the prices for fuel to intervention of the government of area ».


« In 2010 on development of economy and social sphere of Priamurja it is directed almost 80 mlrd roubles of investments into fixed capital that on 14 % above the corresponding period of previous year … Among large investment projects it is possible to note building of Burejsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, railway Ulak - Elga, a federal highway « the Cupid » and entrances to settlements of area from the given road. Are placed in operation oil pipeline Skovorodino - border of the Peoples Republic of China (Dzhalinda - Mohe), an aerostation complex in Blagoveshchensk on 300 passengers at o`clock, an overpass through a branch line in with. Ekaterinoslavka, the second turn Olekminsky it is mountain - concentrating industrial complex on the Kuranahsky deposit titanomagnetitovyh Open Company ores « Olekminsky mine » the second turn zolotoizvlekatelnogo metallurgical industrial complex on a gold deposit « the Pioneer ».


« … We do not have no powerful, well developed transport network: density of roads in northern areas several times more low, than in southern … In 2010 on development of a road economy of area it has been directed 1 mlrd 860 million roubles that makes 174 % to level of 2009!

Four entrances to a line « the Cupid » in the general extent of 16,5 km and 97 running metres of bridges and overpasses in northern territories of area are handed already over, work on nine more in the central and southern areas is necessary. Building of an entrance by extent more than 25 km to Free is now conducted, in 2012 the object will be placed in operation ».


« Cosmodrome building will begin summer of this year, a starting complex - in 2012, the first start of rockets is planned for 2015, building end - for 2016, and in 2018 starts of the ships with cosmonauts should begin. The next three years the Federation allocates for creation of a providing infrastructure of the cosmodrome - small town, roads, LEP, industrial and other objects - 24,7 mlrd the rbl. Is convinced that in the near future the cosmodrome East becomes the original locomotive of economy not only the Amur region, but also all Far East to Russia ».

About the BUDGET

« All plans which I have short listed, will be realised in the nearest three - five years. Our main task - to deduce region in leaders of subjects DFO on development of industrial potential, to achieve that the Amur region has ceased to be dotatsionnym region. Self-sufficiency of the consolidated budget of area last years confidently types rates. So, in 2008 the financial help of federation to the regional budget made 58,6 %, in 2010 it was reduced to 39,6 %. That is for three years the parity of own incomes to federal financial support has got mirror display: if in 2008 we earned independently all about 40 %, and almost 60 % received, already in the past the help from Federation has decreased to 40 %, and our own tax and nenalogovye have increased to 60 %. The general gain of incomes of the consolidated budget of area for 2008 - has increased 2010 with 20 mlrd to 27 mlrd roubles. It is assured that in five years we can provide ourselves independently already at least on 80 % ».


« Work of any authorities has the specificity - the overwhelming majority of serious significant measures of system character do not give instant result. At the same time the population, as a rule, wishes fast improvement of quality of life. And it, naturally, has the right to demand it. Therefore we aspire to change qualitatively basis for transformations of social and economic spheres to the Amur region in maximum deadlines. To correspond to expectations of a society, On the one hand, and definitively to deduce region from stagnation, to make it on - to the present developed, self-sufficient, attractive to residing, - with another » more likely;.

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