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About what Byelorussians ask bankers?

it any more the first open day which spend in bank. On May, 31st chiefs of departments of bank have met clients and have answered their questions personally.

- As a rule, people always in an open day are interested in conditions on consumer credits, autocredits, hi-tech services - the Internet - bankingom, sms - bankingom and etc. This time we should be responded and to questions on the one who is the shareholder of bank who the capital at bank, - is spoken by the deputy chief of department of marketing and client service of bank Elena NARKEVICH.

Questions on shareholders are connected, possibly, that after devaluation standard capitals of the Belarus banks in recalculation have decreased for foreign currency. Now shareholders of banks solve, as well as in what terms these capitals will be increased.

- the Additional guarantor of reliability of the money resources placed in contributions in RRB - Bank, the European shareholders - the European bank of reconstruction and development (European Reconstruction and Development Bank) and the German society under investments and development DEG minister. After to us the European shareholders have come, and also efforts of the Belarus shareholders the bank has sharply risen in a rating. On size of profitability of capital RRB - Bank following the results of 2010 on 5 - m a place among the Belarus banks, on size of profitability of actives - on 4 - m a place, on the size of profit - 13 - e a place from 31 banks, on the size of actives we on 16 - m a place. Shareholders will increase, of course, the standard capital, they intend to work in our market, - Chairman of the board RRB - Bank Yury MARTYNOV explains.

By the way, despite crisis, client base RRB - Bank has grown in I in 1,3 times. Positive dynamics of a depositary portfolio of physical persons is observed: For January, 1st, 2011 its size made 70,3 billion Belarus roubles (these are the data both on currency, and under rouble contributions), for April, 1st - 88,2 billion rbl., for May, 1st - almost 100 billion Belarus roubles.

- That you can tell to people, which think today of taking away the contributions? - We have taken an interest at Yury Martynova.

- I would advise not to believe hearings and not to terminate now contracts with banks. Judge for yourself, where today the person can carry the money? To leave houses? It is unsafe. To put in depozitarnuju a cell? On it you will not earn. We still have lifted 2 months ago interest rates under contributions to the Belarus roubles and in currency. Now under rouble contributions we offer 22 % annual, under contributions to dollars and euro - 9,5 percent. And as a matter of fact it is contributions poste restante, rates are not recalculated at preschedule cancellation.


« Any of the Belarus banks has no problems »

- From - for course changes of the Belarus rouble standard capitals of banks in recalculation on currency have changed also. What measures will be accepted by Natsbank to these banks?

- Now any of the Belarus banks has no problems with sufficiency of the capital, this indicator in ones and a half - two times exceeds the operating specification. All Belarus banks are successfully working financial institutions, therefore the question on a response at someone from them at all does not cost to the licence. Because the standard capital of some banks has decreased, the Natsbank will give to banks time for situation correction, - the head of department of the information of Natsbank Anatoly of OUZELS speaks. - the question on escalating of the standard capital dares individually with each bank: The bank gives the program, terms, the information on from whom from shareholders it is going to receive the additional capital. If the program real, as a rule, this time is given to them. In 2009 all banks have gone by the way of escalating of the standard capital, two banks have merged in one. We always go in this case towards to banks.

- Now many people worry that can freeze currency contributions …

- Hearings that ostensibly someone is going to freeze any contributions, are the cleanest water provocation. They were actively exaggerated in the beginning of 2009 then too people removed contributions and put them in bank cells. Those « clever men » who so has arrived, very big losses had. The same will be and now. Anybody is not going to freeze contributions. As the reasons for this purpose are not present. If the contribution is necessary to someone, it can take away it in bank without problems. But to draw out money to put under a pillow or in a bank cell, silly. Here I have issued the currency deposit.

- And, if not a secret where you have bought currency?

- I have received fees for the books published in Russia. To me money has come on the bank account, and I have issued them on the urgent deposit. I, as the person economical, have solved, some months let will lie down, I on it will earn. Also I consider that has arrived wisely.

the License of NB RB for realisation of bank activity 21 from 31. 01. 2008 UNP 100361187.