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Where to inhabitants of Chita to have a rest and bathe

Summer, the sun, the sea, a beach – the motto of summer holidays. And what to do to those townspeople who for any reasons have no possibility to go on southern resorts? The decision of this problem - city beaches.

Official beaches in city boundaries with all conveniences to times having a rest at us and obchelsja. The fallen in love lake Kenon, different the neidealno pure water and a coastal zone became a traditional zone of rest. So it is possible to characterise territory « wild » beaches.

For a convenient and safe mass bathing there is an adapted excellent place around street Rahova, without reaching school 15. Official opening kenonskogo a beach yet was not, but here inhabitants of Chita already have with might and main a rest. They are not frightened off even by low water temperature of all + 16 degrees when the norm considers + 18 - 20 degrees.

Having walked on coastal territory, extent of 350 metres, it is possible to be surprised pleasantly with a perfect order and uhozhennostju this beach. The garbage and glass is not present, sand pure that allows to go without slates.

- it became good, it is disciplined, as in Soviet period, – local resident Victor Mihajlovich, for which lake Kenon favourite vacation spot shares the impressions.

– Water, truth, cold, but I have already bathed, - the man has added.

Booths for disguise, benches, a toilet, urns for garbage, « fungi » from the scorching sun – all is provided that townspeople carefree enjoyed solar and air baths. Security measures too are observed duly: here and fasts for rescuers, observers and specially taken away place for the medical worker. On red boards, before the flow having a rest in the nearest holidays, life jackets and circles will be placed. The zone of swimming checked up by divers on presence of dangerous subjects and cleared of garbage, will protect anchor buoys. From hot heat of fans will sunbathe to rescue soft drinks and morozhennoe. Near to the reservoir, for their sale and convenience having a rest stalls have arranged.

it is possible to take Plank beds, water spheres, mattresses and other beach equipment in hire. On pleasure of children on a beach the waterslide which civil work will come to the end in the shortest terms will operate. Will support cleanliness during all season corresponding services. We will count, as having a rest will not be too lazy to support the introduced order.

« the Waterslide » – the Chita children will be delighted!
a photo: Marias Tsimbaljuk

Owners of cars can leave the transport in the supervised parking intended for it, on entrance to a coastal strip. On a broader scale, all cultural that you will not tell about other coastal territories of Chita. For civilised rest on the rivers Ingoda and Chitinka anything is not present, except information boards about a bathing interdiction. There will come the present heat and to townspeople there will be no choice: especially desperate will bathe in the places not taken away for this purpose with too rapid current and   The bottom covered with sharp splinters of broken bottles and banok. Many dare to jump in water in a state of intoxication. And after all it can be life-threatening.


a bottom Relief in casual city reservoirs izmenchiv. Yesterday`s rendered habitable the beach can represent today danger of death. Going to plunge into water, especially if among you there are small children, be not too lazy to check up a bottom status once again. It will save you from many troubles.


In city reservoirs to bathe not terribly

Maria VELEHER, the chief specialist – the expert of department of sanitary inspection Upravlenija Rospotrebnadzora on Transbaikalian edge :

- In the beginning of a swimming season from four check points of reservoirs water samples have been taken. It is a city beach on lake Kenon, a beach in settlement KSK, a beach near stadium « the Locomotive » and a beach on the river Chita (in the people of Chitinka! – the Bus ) in 1 microdistrict around the bridge.

a water Status in open zones of bathing respond microbiological, sanitary - chemical and parazitologicheskim to indicators, except for test on samoochishchaemost waters. But this indicator does not bear threat for health having a rest.

Each 10 days during a swimming season sanitary inspection will carry out monitoring of city reservoirs on revealing of deviations from norm.