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That it is necessary to know, that not to break the heart

the Heart attack... Some hours, and sometimes even minutes, also perish the people, seeming quite healthy. The novel of Trahtenberg, Alexander Varin, Michael Kolotozov, Victor Ilyukhin, Alexander Barykin who in March of this year at a concert in Orenburg and has not finished singing the last song « Give, live! ». A leah it was possible to prevent sudden leaving that it is necessary to know, that « not to break the heart » and how to operate, if the misfortune has already happened?

Today physicians sound alarm – the heart attack promptly looks younger. But businessmen from medicine actively use this disturbing statistics in the purposes. Authors of transfer have decided to make experiment, having sent the young healthy correspondent in the paid medical centre. Cardiologists recognised as its seriously sick, and the dumbfounded girl has laid out 10 thousand for analyses. Experts of the program to whom the afflicted correspondent was converted, recognised these purposes superfluous, and itself its quite healthy. In this clinic the rule of four football players operated: colleagues directed patients to each other. Where to find the fair competent cardiologist, it is necessary to hand over what analyses at suspicion on a warm illness and how not to allow to dissolve itself on money? About it and many other things speech in transfer will go.

to Understand that the person had a heart attack, the doctor can only. After all illness can « to mask ». Vomiting, a short wind, and sometimes and simply is not present a pain. But, as a rule, the situation develops very quickly, the burning chest pain gives to a shoulder, a neck and the left shovel. It is necessary to lay urgently or at least to plant the person, to exclude any physical activities and urgently to call « First aid ». Before arrival of physicians to give to the patient one tablet of nitroglycerine that reduces probability of lethal exod three times. Any other warm preparations it is impossible to give! As a rule, the heart attack is preceded by jumps upwards pressure.

But there are some more circumstances which can provoke fatal blow in heart. Smoking – the main enemy of the core. This bad habit twice raises risk of a heart attack and especially harms to ladies at whom vessels are much more sensitive, than at men. If in a family there is a core, should give up smoking all: passive inhalation of a smoke dangerously, as well as own cigarette. There is also an unusual advice – treat gums! In blood of patients paradontitom very much high level of fats and fibers, and it provokes blood clots of vessels.

And what is useful at heart diseases? These are dances, driving on a bicycle, swimming, lifting on a ladder. And here « to escape from a heart attack » it is impossible, from it it is possible to leave simply, walking on 15 – 30 minutes in day. Dieticians consider that fish rescues from warm illnesses. 100 grammes of a salmon, a tuna, sardines or a herring in day, and fat acids containing in them will essentially lower probability of a heart attack. Salts of magnesium with which are rich raisin, prunes, dried apricots, a dried apricots, expand vessels and force to be reduced rhythmically a cardiac muscle. Nuts, a dogrose, a soya, a string bean, a fig, apples reduce cholesterol level. And still garlic and eggplants are very useful to cores. And here and sausage it is necessary to refuse pelmeni, sausages from - for latent cholesterol. Not in honour at cardiologists and fat dairy products, and also salt. And how to prepare houses a drink clearing vessels and raising immunity? It is necessary to grate one lemon together with a peel, to pound 1 - 2 heads of garlic, to add 600 grammes of the settled water, to draw all it is 3 - 4 days, and then to filter. This curative infusion is necessary for drinking daily on 50 gramme in the mornings on an empty stomach.

« the Operations procedure » on June, 6th, 19. 55, « TV the Center ».