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In Stavropol garbage business the police and Office of Public Prosecutor

History of garbage business in the regional centre were engaged has begun with one firm - a monopolist. The only thing in a city garbage range Open Company company « owns; Range jar ». It has refused musorovyvozjashchim to the companies delivery of coupons on placing of a firm household waste. Their ashmen simply had no place to dump. Besides, a management « Range » has lifted factor of consolidation of a firm household waste to 9. Better to say, the consolidation factor shows, how much the garbage will be compressed by a garbage truck press. Imagine a situation: the garbage truck, which volume of a body of 10 cubic metre, compresses cargo with factor 2. Means, it carries in the body of 20 cubic metre of the garbage compressed to volume of a body. But on range he pays not for 10 cubic metre, and for 20. With factor increase in 9 times - for all of 180 cubic metre! Such substantial growth of factor could strike first of all on simple citizens. From the purse they would pay for garbage almost in 3 times more.

Now the tariff for garbage removal for those who lives in a private sector, makes about 170 roubles from each person for 1 cubic metre. By simple multiplication on 3 it is received 510 roubles a month for cubic metre. It only from one member of a family! Garbage from giving « Range jara » could become for simple townspeople literally worth its weight in gold.

Antimonopolshchiki have considered that the enterprise « Range Jar » had no right to apply these factors, and has suggested to use weight control which is applied for a long time across all Russia.

But the decision of Antimonopoly service and has not been executed. In the refusal representatives « Range Jara » have referred on « The instruction on designing, operation and rekultivatsii ranges for a firm household waste » where consolidation factors are precisely specified.

on June, 7th musorovyvozjashchie Open Company companies « the Ecosystem » Open Company « the Pure city » SMUP « Faunae » Open Company « Eko - Service » Open Society « Kvintek » left on strike.

- Fifteen cars with garbage have left today in city centre and in other areas, signalled, thereby, expressing the position... We tried to tell that the garbage could not be taken out » - the representative of one of the companies Maxim Shapovalov has told. In turn, the representative of the company « Range Jar » has explained that musorovyvozjashchim the companies were offered to create the joint commission which would calculate factors of consolidation for their technics. The city authorities have promised to understand a situation. The city administration was converted behind the help into Office of Public Prosecutor and militia that those have helped to put to the place of a garbage monopolist.

As the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs across Stavropol Evgenie Nujkin has informed, actions « Range jara » fall under article 330 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (Arbitrariness).

- Since the moment when to us the statement from goradministratsii has arrived, we have started to collect a material. Now range have opened, the garbage there is delivered. A situation certainly difficult, but to nobody the right is granted by such actions to receive the benefit. Besides, the company management cannot regulate the price for garbage – the documents confirming such right at them are not present, - Nujkin has declared.

Now the consequence will collect materials for criminal case to send them in court. If the decision of judicial instance is positive, the monopolist is threatened with the penalty to 80 thousand roubles or arrest for the term up to 6 months. But it hardly will solve a problem in the future while in the garbage market of the regional centre there is no healthy competition.