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Cолнце has become angry

If you felt yesterday badly, at you chronic diseases have become aggravated, and at all there was no mood and a spirit, suffer this status also today – matter is not in you, and in the sun. On Tuesday, on June, 7th, on our main star there was one of the most powerful and unusual flashes – the second class from three possible. Thus it was accompanied by enormous emission of solar energy which has reached the Earth only on June, 9th, and will influence us, earth dwellers, also today, on June, 10th. At us – an indisposition, and over poles polar lights should be lighted.

If not to take in attention a magnetic storm Friday will not cause a stir other weather anomalies, as well as the nearest days off. Today there will be quite comfortable weather. Rains only have beckoned freshness, on June, 10th again will do without them. This afternoon on a thermometer will be +22 … +24 ° With, a wind severo - east, but much weaker, than the last days.

On Saturday to capital region, on portal expectations У Meteonews У the next atmospheric front will come nearer. Weather forecasters hope that it becomes the reason of rains in the north and severo - the Moscow suburbs east. Will be to +10 &hellip at night; +15 ° With, in the afternoon +20 … +25 ° S

Weather will not change and on Monday – 25 degrees all same on thermometers, and a moderate north. Rains also probably will, but to confirm it authentically difficult – weather behaves recently is too unpredictable.

Till yesterday we worried that the drought will affect a grain yield, and even could not think of other dangers. Now the problem with the lowered humidity in Moscow and other areas deprived of a rain more or less dares, but other misfortune only is going to declare itself full-scale. To Russia the Asian locust has arrived. It is selective in meal – devours only wheat and it is prompt in movement – can migrate easily on hundreds kilometres.

Farmers of Stavropol Territory and Dagestan sound alarm: dangerous wreckers leave after themselves only naked cones. One wrecker steals up to southern areas of our country &ndash and more; Italian prus. Without having found anything tasty in the homeland, he has decided to regale at us. Farmers blame for invasion gluttonous « foreigners » climatic changes.