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Michael JUREVICH: the Main thing - the open and fair work with people

in the big hall of Legislative Assembly has taken place on Eighth of June XIX otchetno - elective conference of regional branch of the All-Russia political party « an United Russia ». 226 delegates have taken part In forum work from 49 regional branches of party. By the way, previous otchetno - selective conference has passed four years ago before elections in the State Duma of V convocation.

By the way, the structure of regional political council was updated on third. Vladimir Mjakush is again selected by the leader South Ural « United Russia party members ». At the secretary has appeared eight zamov. Everyone is responsible for a profile direction.

the keynote speech of the governor and a member of a general council of party of Michael Jurevicha became the forum Climax. It has designated ways of a development of the region. Problems of regional branch should be clear to people, have the accurate end results, conduct area to worthy life.

— Conditions for multilateral work are, — the governor has underlined. — the area is in the economic plan on lifting. From the beginning of year manufacture growth has made eight percent, and this dynamics is fixed.

major repairs Region

the Area, according to the governor, should become and becomes a place where conveniently and comfortably to live, work and raise children. For this purpose it is necessary to adjust an everyday life infrastructure. In the attention centre — economy, village, housing and communal services, social sphere.

Therefore Michael Jurevich declared region « major repairs area ». Southern Ural Mountains not participate the first year in federal programs of upgrade of housing and communal services, to capital repairs of apartment houses, a pulling down vetho - emergency available housing. Programs under power savings, recyclings TBO, to development of system of water supply are started.

Work needs to be continued with attraction of private investments.

— As any repair, it is interfaced to time inconveniences. But even worse to neglect a situation. Problems will not disappear! We will update cities and settlements under time requirements, — the head of region has declared.

Will proceed and « road revolution ». New highways — this decision of logistical problems, the contribution to stabilisation of ecological conditions, stimulus for economic development, the weighty factor of security of traffic.

the Making part of the program of the big major repairs of region — the program on an accomplishment of court yard. On grandiose updating pridomovyh territories it is taken away five years. There will be new children`s playgrounds, car parking lots, green plantings will be updated. Facades will be repaired, the illumination system is restored. Dark corners should not be at all. For all these purposes it is allocated more than 3 mlrd roubles.

— last year at level of municipalities we have tested the new scheme of financing of programs on an accomplishment — to proportionally number of inhabitants. I consider this experience successful. During the current year this principle of financing will be saved, — the governor has noted.

All works will be co-ordinated with proprietors of habitation at general meetings. Moreover, representatives of tenants will enter into an inspection upon termination of repairs. The head of region has underlined that behind a course of works and quality rigid control should be established.

to Find the owner for each corner …

According to the governor, changes were outlined and in the investment policy. The area successfully realises large-scale projects in mechanical engineering, metallurgy, on village. To region each rouble is important. Small and average business — these are million tax deductions in the budget, thousand workplaces, innovative ways of development, so today necessary.

Michael Jurevich has once again underlined that the scornful relation to businessmen — a sign « a bad form »: « And I do not accept a position: when on places do not hurry to participate in large federal programs. It nekonstruktivnyj ».

Especially the head of region has allocated a question of ownerless objects. There should not be thrown promploshchadok, collapsing cases of factories.

— Investors should not have a problem with sites, an infrastructure. To municipal authorities it is necessary more confidently in to feel private - the state partnership. It is not necessary to disturb to considerable quantity of people, able to work and earn, ready to put means. Also it is not necessary to them to disturb. The main task — to develop available advantages.

the Status of social stability

Last 10 years the area lives without social shocks. The status of socially stable region is earned by work juzhnouraltsev.

But in social sphere, according to the head of region, is over what to work. A thorny question — reception juzhnouraltsev in medical institutions. In 2011 the region undertook the decision of a subject of hospital turns. Sometimes it was a question not of financial injections — about an order in work principles.

— paper medical cards, &mdash Will leave in the past; Michael Jurevich has noted. — During the Internet epoch it is a pure anachronism. For this purpose also the project « is realised; Electronic registry » 20 LPU have entered into the project « the Telemedicine ».

15 mlrd the rbl. will receive region on capital repairs and re-equipment meduchredeny. There will be specialised interdistrict centres. Their network completely will close all area.

— Within the limits of upgrade of system of obstetric aid 5 children`s branches of early diagnostics, &mdash will open 7 interdistrict perinatalnyh the centres and maternity homes; the head of region has specified.

the Governor has countenanced new idea of creation of occasional seats in kindergartens:

— the Areas can be received a superstructure of mansard floors. Are now defined « pilot » objects.

education system Development is impossible without increase of the salary of tutors and teachers. Therefore also this question in « other » you will not carry.

— In May in Pskov, at session of Advice on local government development, prime minister Vladimir Putin has set the task of growth of the average salary of tutors and teachers to an average on a city economy. This necessary decision will be directed to regions &mdash nearby 120 mlrd rbl.; it is impossible to pay for education as for nekvalifitsirovannyj.

infusion from within

Available achievements of the Chelyabinsk area, according to the governor, « Is important; it is necessary to fix political advantages » To elections in the State Duma there is a half a year. Results of voting of Russians will define strategy of development of the country the next five years.

— « an United Russia » saves the political positions and it is now ready to be developed by the whole front, — the governor has underlined. — it to make not simply. No other party exists under such fire of criticism, as ours. Not all maintain it, someone remains away from political strike.

the Political situation of a present situation dictates at all how much association « United Russia party members » how much development of a correct internal spirit of each party member. Factors of the open and fair work with people should become advantages of work, according to the governor:

— It is necessary to prove correctness of our initiatives concrete, effective work. All necessary potential for this purpose is. Our general problem — to become successful in interests of the Chelyabinsk area, its inhabitants, and the country as a whole. We are obliged to make Southern Ural Mountains the leader on development.

Participants of conference recognised work regotdelenija satisfactory. The following global problem « a present situation » there was a discussion of the program of the Popular front appointed to July. Then declare start prajmeriza — inner-party selection of candidates on elections in the State Duma.

226 delegates participated In conference work from 49 regional branches of party.


7 mlrd the rbl. will receive till the end of the year Chelyabinsk on a construction of roads. There will be 120 km of lines and 7 bridges.

the Outcome on street Br. Kashirinyh it will be stretched on 5 km, having provided journey of 6 thousand car to hour. The bridge through the river Miass will connect street Red and Kaslinsky and becomes the doubler of the Sverdlovsk prospectus.

Cities and areas on development of roads will receive 2,3 mlrd rbl. of Juzhnouraltsy will see concrete results of the big road program.


Worms Dmitry, working Open Society ZMZ, a member of regional political council of party:

— In « an United Russia » I recently. I see party work from within and I understand that each person on the place, everyone is busy. The principle of open work with simple people &mdash imposes; in an operative order many current questions are solved! I will estimate work of regional branch positively.

Anufriev Alain, the director of the Center of operative reaction CHRO of party « an United Russia » a member of regional political council:

— In party I since 2009. To executive committee work I put firm « well ». And on organising features, and in propaganda propagation, and in the decision of questions of current life of inhabitants of area the maximum becomes. Perhaps, sometimes stir nestykovki legislations, but also it is surmountable! We manage to solve more than 90 % of problems of sphere of housing and communal services, we actively defend interests juzhnouraltsev in social sphere. Ahead affairs much, and it only provokes!