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Where novosibirtsam to have a rest in Siberia?

tourism in Siberia … a leah is it? For our consciousness confused with myths about paradise life abroad, thought that it is possible to take pleasure and impressions at home or in the next region – something from fantasy area. « yes that here can be good … here in Turkey … » - for certain you already think. But … a leah really it so?

Why in Siberia to have a rest more expensively, than in Turkey?

the Experts tempted in internal tourism confirm the return – to have a rest in Siberia it is possible not worse, than « behind a hillock » moreover and   more to learn about the native earth about which, unfortunately, the average Siberian knows less, than about Europe or the Near East.

Vitaly Naumov, the director of the regional it is information - the analytical centre « STI »

- the Nature at us in Siberia is not worse, than on resorts, it is simple another, - has told « the director of the regional it is information - the analytical centre « STI » Vitaly Naumov. – and after all is in our corner of the world and the history, set of own monuments of culture …

But why internal tourism in Siberia, to put it mildly, does not prosper? At it it is a lot of reasons, and, for the best understanding of all picture, them superfluous will not list.

In - the first, each Siberian whom all - taki ventures to have a rest, without going abroad, faces a paradoxical thing – holiday in the next region can manage in one and a half time more expensively, than in Turkey or Egypt! On the one hand – absurdity, but the fact – a thing obstinate!

- Yes, it is valid so, and it – one of the main barriers to development of the Siberian tourism, - confirms the vice-president of executive committee « the Siberian agreement » Sergey Tikhomirov. – why so occurs? So after all a climate at us at all as in Egypt! On the Siberian resorts the season usually lasts only 2 - 3 months, and in this time they need to live for all year! It not so someone`s whim, and an objective reality – The same camp sites need to pay the tax for the earth all year long, here they and tear up from tourists vtridoroga.

But on it paradoxes of Russian validity do not come to an end. And more one obstacle to development of the industry of rest in Siberia – it is the confused system of air flights. Siberians face often that, to depart, for example, from Tomsk to Omsk, it is necessary to make change … in Moscow. Certainly, it affects internal tourism at all in the best way. However, if to introduce in logistics an order and to make multi-region flights across Siberia on - to the present profitable cost of internal tours would go down at once.

Sergey Tikhomirov, the vice-president of executive committee « the Siberian agreement »

- Now we come to that different regions of Siberia any more do not develop tourism one by one, and create a uniform network of tourist routes, - Sergey Tikhomirov has told. – it Becomes that having bought one tour, the person could go round for a week at once some regions of Siberia and see it is more. I think, the next years such system becomes already popular and will positively affect local tourist business. Will co-ordinate this work Krasnoyarsk. A leah

it is necessary to spend holiday for a tour across Siberia?


the Most important plus of rest in Siberia in freedom of movement. For example, in Egypt, you without the guide do not do a bit of travelling – the language barrier will prevent. In native land this problem disappears, and will much easier go to journey « the savage » without resorting to the help of tour operators – most to develop a route and to count up all expenses. The second plus – it is not necessary to go far and if the chief does not give long holiday can arrange short-term « tour » - for example, all for three days.


Often it appears that rest on the Siberian camp sites will cost dearer trips abroad. Thus rest conditions (level of service in hostels, comfortable buses and so forth) Obviously do not hold out to the western. The rest already on the fan – for example, it is not interesting to someone to travel across Russia and it is necessary to see other countries.

the Novosibirsk brand – what it?

If businessmen of Mountain Altai or the Irkutsk region should not reflect on how to involve in themselves tourists, in the Novosibirsk region with it the big problem. After all that the people have gone, it is necessary to create an own recognised tourist brand (like lake Baikal). Local businessmen and officials any more struggle the first year with creation of such brand, but here, probably, as with Russian national idea – how much over it leading minds, and it think, the infection, does not appear in any way …

- Is not present at us either the nature exclusive, nor a long history, - Vitaly Naumov recognises. – here also we can not while to be defined, than our region can be interesting to tourists. But hopes it is not left – skiing lodges on spurs of the Salairsky range, and the Obsky sea there and then work for us. And in the city of Novosibirsk is what to look, on - an extreme measure for couple of days of excursions. And after all at us the main transit airport in Siberia &ndash settles down; « Tolmachevo » and to us god ordered to develop tourism.

However while all it only the theory, also it is necessary to hope only that Novosibirsk will not miss the slice of a pie from tourism on - sibirski and when - nibud can brag of the developed camp sites, the excursion program in historical places and modern bases of productive leisure.

Where it is possible to go to have a rest in Siberia?

in the Summer:

Republic Altai

it is not necessary to speak About mountain Altai &ndash much; it is present « Russian Switzerland » some kind of tourist mekka our country. It, perhaps, unique region of Russia where tourism is developed in all versions – here to you and the amazing nature pleasing an eye and a soul, both abrupt hillsides and the rivers – paradise for rock-climbers and bajadarachnikov. And if bent for etnike, a stone`s throw away &ndash suddenly wakes up; settlements and relics of Altaians. And, it is necessary to give due to the authorities of Altai – they have quickly estimated, what incomes are promised by their earth and have organised an infrastructure at high level.

Krasnoyarsk region

Krasnoyarsk citizens develop at themselves sobytijnyj tourism – region for a long time is famous for the festivals bardovskoj songs. Regional festivals, including Vysotsky`s memories are spent from year to year. And these actions so well are organised that regularly involve in edge of tourists from other regions of Russia. Festivals mainly are held in the summer.

All year long:

Republic Buryatiya

semejskie tours to old believers of republic. It is special, ineraktivnyj tourism – old believers make room for tourists for residing, meal, and also play the ceremonials at which it is possible not only to look … but also to participate, having typed by impressions which will be remembered for a long time.

the Irkutsk region

That such it is not necessary to explain Baikal even to foreigners. This unique lake which is framed with the surprising nature. And thanks to interest to this place, the tourist industry here prospers. On coast of Baikal are provided both bases of quiet rest, and active. Many tourists go in these places to descend on hunting, to fish, go to horse tour in the most beautiful places or to go to boat swimming.

Republic Tyva

Tyva, as well as the Republic Altai, is not deprived by natural mammons. But go there more often behind another – Behind ethnic mammon of the local people. Poorly what museums can be compared by quantity of exhibits and historical value to the Tuva. All speaks it very simply – historical burial places were in these parts saved many, it is possible to tell that all Tyva – it is the big archaeological reserve.

in the Winter:

the Kemerovo region

Kuzbas now is famous for sports tourism. The settlement Sheregesh is known now to many Russians and not only to mountain skiers. However, while the Kemerovo region can offer only seasonal (winter) tourism, after all in the rest of the time on skis especially will not drive.

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