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Krasnoyarsk farmers have visited Italy

Within the limits of the next stage of building of a pig-breeding complex in territory of Suhobuzimsky area of Krasnoyarsk region holding delegation « Sangilen + » has visited Italy where has got acquainted with activity of manufacturers of the equipment for agrarian and industrial complex and subtleties of manufacture of pork.

In the homeland of a spaghetti of a cow give 60 litres of milk a day


Krasnoyarsk farmers have visited Italy

-   We have visited many regions of Apenninsky peninsula, - tells   the head of a direction of animal industries of department of agricultural machinery « Sangilena » Dmitry DEMCHENKO. - In vicinities of the city of Cremona we were accepted by the company « TDM » which makes the equipment for management of animals   and control over them, and also the milking equipment. In the same area we have looked at the stall equipment for a horned cattle (shelters, machine tools, systems navozoudalenija). Have shown to us and a farm on which this equipment is used in daily practice. We have felt shock when have learnt that each of 600 milk cows which there contain, gives a day on 60 litres of milk and is thus productive 305 days in a year. And the owner, farmer Mario, does not see in it anything unusual.

In the city of Lodi to us have shown installation on biogas manufacture. It is remarkable that it is capable to work on a waste from manufacture not only svinoferm, but also horned cattle farms, and also on any vegetative waste.

At Italians the advanced technologies of building svinoferm


Krasnoyarsk farmers have visited Italy
the Photo: - Krasnoyarsk

the Most part of time we were in the city of Manerbio and its vicinities. There have examined a slaughter-house productivity of 8 goals KRS or 20 goals of pigs at an o`clock. Similar installation is planned and at us in edge, only it will be combined where it is possible to carry out as a face of pigs, and KRS.

firm « Agrafid »   has shown us in operation kombikormovyj factory productivity of 30 tons of production at an o`clock which is served by only two persons, thus, as joke, the second is necessary in time to wake the first only.

Especially we looked narrowly at company production « Evotek » (disctrict of the city of Leno) which makes ferro-concrete designs from which cattle-breeding premises gather. We are going to transport one of such factories to Krasnoyarsk region. At first it will provide manufacture of designs for ours svinofermy, and further we will make on it panels for building of any buildings which can be necessary for peasants.

On a trip we were accompanied by the president of the company « Valmont - interprajzis LTD. » Alexander Nikolaevich Derjabin that is clear because it will supervise all questions on building svinokompleksa at us from the Italian party.

- We were once again convinced, - the general director of holding « speaks; Sanggilen + » the Novel Goldman, - that have made a correct choice when in partners have chosen Italians. They offer not only the advanced technologies of building of pig-breeding complexes, but also and technologies otkorma, a face of animals,   the productions, responding the most strict criteria of quality. Besides they very responsibly concern execution of the obligations, than can quite give odds even to Germans.