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DiKaprio Blejk Lavli

More recently Leonardo DIKAPRIO has made a declaration of love has left about Bar RAFAELI, but now, apparently, has absolutely forgotten about the « were ». Now the actor for days on end enjoys a society of the new girlfriend – serial stars « the Gossip » Blejk LAVLI. The couple has gone to romantic travel in which course has visited Verona and has visited Juliette`s House.

In the last some weeks of steam drove about between Cannes, Monaco, Portofino and Sen - pol - de - Vans. At last, the couple has gone to Verona on which small streets of actors and have caught paparazzi. Enamoured looked happy and pacified, and Blejk photographed place of interest and the companion. At last, the couple has gone to Juliette`s House and, by tradition, has touched its statue.

Leonardo DiKaPrIo and Blejk LAVLI have walked on romantic small streets of Verona

Visitation of this place has forced DiKaprio to remember Romeo`s role which it has executed in Baza Lurmanna film « Romeo and Juliette » in 1996. At an amphitheatre the actor has decided to stand out before the girlfriend: has fallen before it to knees and has read to it Romeo`s love monologue while admired Blejk did photos. Judging by a route of walk, DiKaprio has obviously wanted to make upon the new girl impression. After all the actor had many girlfriends, but romantic travel it arranged far not with everyone.

Near an amphitheatre of Leo prinjadsja to read to the girlfriend Romeo`s monologue
In the end of monologue DIKAPIRO has fallen before Blejk to knees and prznalsja to it in love
The couple on - former hides from paparazzi the close relations

the Photo: Daily Mail