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The City administration board has discussed a question on increase of power efficiency of municipal authorities

As the assistant to the mayor concerning housing and communal services Alexander Kurjanov has informed, for today in a city is 653 elekrifitsirovannyh, 639 teplofitsirovannyh and 56 installed gas municipal authorities. Last year in the City administration has been confirmed « the Municipal program of power savings and increase of power efficiency of Rostov-on-Don for the period till 2014 ». In it under power savings necessary measures are registered in various branches of municipal economy and the offer on their financing. According to this document within five years, since 2010, budgetary establishments should provide decrease in volumes of consumed water, natural gas, thermal energy, an electricity and coal, at least, on 15 %.

Thus the analysis of consumption following the results of 2010 has shown that requirements of the program and FZ - 261 « About power savings » regarding annual decrease in consumption toplivno - power resources on 3 % are executed by municipal authorities not in full. So, on gas the economy has made - 16,1 %, on hot water - 14,6 %, on cold water - 4,3 %, on thermal energy - 2,6 %, and on the electric power – only 0,2 %. At the same time, the budgetary establishments working in education spheres, public health services, culture and sotszashchity in comparison with 2009 had been admitted current consumption increase on the average on 5,6 %. The weakest indicators are shown in education establishments.

At the same time practically on 100 % other point of the program ordering equipment by devices of the account of the electric power, water, gas and thermal energy all subordinated buildings is executed.

According to Alexander Kurjanova, on realisation of all actions in the field of power savings to municipal authorities it is necessary for 66,4 million   rbl., including 37 million rbl. - on carrying out of power audit with inspection of all buildings and drawing up of power passports. So, it is necessary for education Management 46,8   million rbl., to public health services Management – 13,2 million   rbl., to culture Management – 5,7 million   rbl., and to Department of social protection of the population – 650 thousand rbl.

Summing up session, the mayor has noted necessity of completion of the decision of the colleague and possible entering of amendments into the municipal program of power savings that it is better to co-ordinate work of Department of housing and communal services and power with other services, and also to provide balance of necessary organizational and financial actions.