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Yury Gagarin has landed on the Moon

On Wednesday near one of the main sights of a city - Rockets - has passed noisy creative action - an open-air. About hundred children from art classes of school 124, the Samara school of graffiti and simply passers-by drew in the open air on a space subject. It has appeared that for boys and little girls space is not only astronauts and planets. The native city and its symbols too became a part of the fantastic Universe embodied in drawings of young artists.

the Girl was inclined over Whatman paper sheet - drawing is almost ready. On a planet on which it is clearly looked through lunar rel ­ ef, there is a cosmonaut with trikolorom in hands. Behind helmet glass the smile - portrait similarity is looked through well-known gagarinskaja!

- Yes, it is Yury Gagarin on the Moon, - confirms   Ekaterina. - I know that it did not land on the companion of the Earth, but after all could! Why not to dream up?

In the centre of drawing Anastass - a girl`s face. Under it, far below, - the Glory monument (Samara!) Above - a roundabout of planets.

the Figure of the cosmonaut recently have restored, and now it - one of sights of Samara
the Photo: Archive

- I wanted to show communication of the person with the Earth and space, - explains Nastja.

Alina, despite absolutely early age, knows astronautics history on « perfectly ». In its drawing - the cosmonaut in a free space, soaring on a cable going from a compartment of the ship.

is Leonov, - obviously being proud of the knowledge, Alina declares. - it the first left in a free space! And these spheres around - Mars, Jupiter and the Earth.

Masha and Christina a duet work on the image of the cheerful fellow in bright - an orange survival suit.

- We draw Neznajku in space, - speak girls. - children never were in space, therefore we have decided to draw the child!

Orange colour of a survival suit on a broader scale on this open-air is very popular. Draw - that « from a head » and here such nature before eyes!

- I dreamt to look for a long time more close at Kosmopupsa, - admits August. - saw only on the TV,   and it would be desirable to stand nearby, to touch. It such darling!

Unearthly landscapes were drawn this day not only on easels, but also on the improvised wall, from ballonchikov. And little girls from children`s variety theatre « Ldinki » have ornamented colour melkami asphalt.

- More recently our city has noted grandiose event - 50 - letie from the date of the first flight of the person in space, - Olga Bezrukov, art - the director of the International festival of arts smiles. - however present schoolboys know about that, how much the sign objects connected with conquest by the Universe not much, is in Samara. We have decided to organise this open-air that young artists have reflected on beauty of world around, about a native city.

Children not only drew, but also participated in various competitions. And have then started in the sky small « companions » - balloons. Drawings from which the remarkable book - a colouring has turned out, have solemnly handed over to a museum « Samara space ». And boys and little girls for memory of a creative feast have received diplomas of festival and sweet prizes.