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Syutkin will give a free concert open-air

For many representatives of average generation Valery Syutkin – first of all, pleasant memoirs on own youth. This singer always was a part of alternative culture, then still – freedom drink.

Now Syutkin seldom appears on TV, but it has saved a drive and own « I » in music – it the singer is ready to share all with any who will come today, on June, 10th, in 15. 00 on the Revolution area.

the Master - Syutkin`s class where it together with public will study popular hits, will pass in frameworks of annual festival TSAO and Assotsiatsiii « National art crafts of Russia ».

The festival will last till June, 18th. On it for visitors fair of national crafts and crafts works: umeltsy from 40 regions of Russia share the unique production.

Here it is possible to find the Yaroslavl flax, Tomsk berestu, Voronezh valjanye products, the Tula spice-cakes, a Severodvinsk list on a tree, pavlovopasadskie and the Orenburg scarfs, the Crimean juniper, the Ryazan clay products...

And among this magnificence - the popular Moscow singer … Syutkin &ndash Will act; absolutely free of charge, for all. It turns out that festival - expanse for the person whom pomeshan on a collecting something and it is simple for those who has got used to use the time on a maximum – with advantage for mind and mood.

a festival Platform - very convenient. In the centre - it is possible to call in on the way home. Pavilions are located very successfully: all the day long they are covered with a natural shade from the next buildings.  

the Festival will last all days off