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The fisherman does not want to be a star, Begbeder wants some cocaine, Vinokur wants to protect Dubovitsky

to Alexander Rybaku has bored to be a star. He wants to fail, he wants to be simple the musician; him revolts that people, inviting him, want to hear the same five songs. And it, on a broader scale - that, the classical violinist, called to sow the eternal. It is ready to family creation, its darling the Norwegian young lady, and at it about relations strict representations. He has left one of the Ukrainian projects wherefore did not want to be a puppet (probably, have asked to sing alive).

the Semiwriter - F.Begbeder`s semipoker which is able to do well and badly two things: according to absurdity and to write books, in Kiev tried to witticize. I stood in three spittles from naturally spitted FB and heard, how on a question, it has learnt what slavonic beautiful words, FB has responded: « otsos ». Well, to everyone – on interests. Still he complained that sober it to be unpleasant, and cocaine on tours lacks it (« and quality of that is, - any our actor would add, - limps »).

there is no, of course, Reginu Dubovitsky (« the Notice ») The correspondent the sexless stupid person did not name. It, talking to Vladimir Vinokurom, simply asked the maestro on It, and asked that is characteristic, ironically. VV has decided to intercede for it, but has made it rather originally: « Yes, at it untheatrical appearance, yes, it did not study scenic speech … » After these words no compliment to its professionalism any more works.

Tatyana Egorov, which to all people of the Earth already   four million times informed that   was, is and there will be unique a love. Andrey Mironov, in next   time has told to the world that Shirvindt and Derzhavin fiercely envied AM, being called   thus its friends and always using this friendship. And after « the Diamond hand » « to friends » to live it was ceased to want – to that they were deduced from itself by Mironov`s cult.

At me is not present moral   The rights to analyze this situation, I will notice only that I am familiar with Derzhavin and precisely I know, though is familiar not shortly that envy – it not about it.

THOSE asserts that if she would lie, the named companions would bring an action against it. As - that does not come to to it mind that other people do not bring an action from different reasons.

For example not to be soiled.