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Day of Russia not prostojte at a stop

this year a feast has dropped out on Sunday, that is we are waited by three-day days off. The main thing here – not to get confused in changes which have occurred in « mosgortranse ».

Work of routes will be carried out on June, 11th under the schedule of sabbatical day, and here on June, 12th and 13 – under the schedule of Sunday.

Besides, on June, 12th from - for celebratory programs in the centre the train diagramme of some trolley buses and buses will cardinally change.

From 8 o`clock before the action termination:

Trolley buses will follow:

2 - from to/ the item « Fili » to the underground « the Aleksandrovsky garden »;

12 - from Hospital of Ministry of Railways to 2 - go Watch factory;

33 - from Kravchenko`s street to to/ t « the Drummer ».

route Buses 12 will follow from the Ice palace to the Tver area.

From 14 o`clock before the action termination:

route Trolley buses 8 to follow from the Moskvoretsk market to the underground « Dobryninsky ».

Buses will follow:

6 - from Silicate factory to the area Arbat gate;

25 - from parkway Nagornogo to the underground « Dobryninsky ».

Where to celebrate Day of Russia [a map of celebratory actions]