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For intestinal infection now search in a beet and avocados

The day before have found a suspicious microbe in the beet tops of vegetable which has grown in Holland. Probably, it is that intestinal stick that gives complications on kidneys and became a cause of death already three tens inhabitants of Europe. Tests are now carried out.

a tops of vegetable very few people use in food, basically it use for an ornament. But there are fans to add in salads and these greens.

simultaneously in Thailand the party of the Spanish avocados has been arrested. On them like too have found a dangerous intestinal stick. Under suspicion also the Belgian cabbage.

and at this time in Germany health officers check literally all possible sources of an infection: restaurants, cafe, farms and even garbage tanks. Under suspicion the firm on meal delivery has got. On May, 28th 8 persons, partaken products of this office, have fallen ill with symptoms known already to the whole world: a nausea, vomiting and a bloody diarrhoeia. At a two - gemolitikouremichesky a syndrome, that is kidneys and nervous system have suffered.

in Germany people urge to hand over blood - it is necessary for transfusion poisoned in the heavy form. The majority of cases of disease is fixed in the north of Germany.

meanwhile, today the first case of infection is fixed in Slovakia.

farmers of the European countries inform on a mullions-strong damage from epidemic. And any more do not ask - beg the authorities to find at last an infection source.