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Michael Myasnikovich has paid visit to Jerusalem

Michael Myasnikovich was on a visit in Israel from June, 7 till June, 9th. The prime minister - the minister of Belarus has met the president of Israel Shimonom Peres, vitse - the prime minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Avigdorom Liberman. Besides, Michael Myasnikovich communicated with heads of the large enterprises and the companies. During meetings of a policy and businessmen discussed the further cooperation between Belarus and Israel.

on June, 10th the prime minister - the minister already was on a workplace. And for June, 21st, we will remind, in Minsk session is planned is Israeli - the Belarus commission on economic cooperation.

the Prime minister - the minister of Belarus lived in Jerusalem in the well-known hotel King David, it is considered one of the most prestigious in Israel. By the way, in it the high-ranking visitors - presidents, the prime minister - ministers, politicians and large businessmen more often stop.

- the Mister of premieres - the minister was happy. When it was occupied, I met him on a red path as the important visitor, we hung out the Belarus flag at our hotel, - have told to us Sheldon Rits, the manager of hotel. - - when the mister of premieres - the minister was moved, it has left record in the book vip - visitors. That has written, unfortunately, I do not understand, it, probably, on the Belarus.

the Hotel is located in the centre of Jerusalem, near to the Old city. This neighbourhood Michael Myasnikovich, by the way, has used. After all meetings and business negotiations he has got out on short excursion on the Sacred city with the local guide, the guide with 15 - the summer experience, the author of books, articles and transfers about Israel. Excursion was the general, survey and very short, premieres - the minister had not enough time. Nevertheless the prime minister very much was interested in history of Jerusalem, asked questions.