Rus News Journal

Respected kirovchane!

This day became for all of us a symbol of a national unification and the general responsibility for the present and the future of the great country which have passed a long way of transformations and stanovleny.

Today it is possible to tell with full confidence that for last decades in Russia there were cardinal changes in political system, economy, culture, public health services and consciousness of people. Became more than the active, initiative, not indifferent people, capable to offer constructive decisions and to realise interesting, innovative projects. Having begun with itself, they direct the constructive labour for the country blessing, on its economic and spiritual development.
are assured, only having united, we can create a modern society and the effective state, comfortable for residing and self-realisation of each citizen.

In this holiday we wish your of good luck, health, the world, good and well-being. Let the success always accompanies us in achievement of the planned purposes.

Vladimir Bykov and and. An island of the head of administration of a city Dmitry Dranyj.