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In Perm 36 - summer the manager has reserved to the killer of the businesswoman that that has withdrawn her husband

- This … has withdrawn my husband, has left the child without the father. Kill her! - whispered 36 - summer Elena to the old acquaintance. - any money I will not regret. If she dies, it will return to me.

the Muzhik has nodded: on hands supposedly and itself has gone to police. The further events developed already under the scenario of agents of national security: razluchnitsu have brought to wood, have put on snow, have forced to close eyes, have strewn lightly the person and have photographed. On mobile the killer has shown a terrible shot to the customer and when she has stretched it money for work, on her hands handcuffs were clasped.

- conduct ours revnivitsu, - workers of the Perm regional court exchanged words on Friday in a corridor. - it is a pity the little fool, all life to itself has defiled.

36 - summer Elena B. looked as nashkodivshy the teenager: small, thin, in jeans, hair in a tail. All 30 minutes while the judge disclosed a sentence, it prorydala, closing shivering hands the person a sheet of paper.

Still two years ago the woman had quite safe life: the house, the favourite husband, a daughter, good work. Responsible Elena was registered on good to the bill in firm where she worked the manager on work with clients, drove about on a car. That the hubby has gone on a spree, guessed itself, butters to fire were added also by benevolent acquaintances:

- Undress eyes, thy - that Igorek with Violettkoj hob-nobs what month.

Violetta`s Husband and Elena`s spouse were on friendly terms ten years, the best friends. Women not that that were on friendly terms, but prijatelstvovali, met on feasts.

Some years ago Violetta`s husband has died. And that, pogorevav put time, has twirled the novel with its best friend Igor. Violetta - the lady provided. Is engaged in business and owns in Perm public catering establishments where do half-finished products. Igor works the engineer in kollektorskom agency. In general, the love triangle has turned out - classics of a genre.

Lena, as well as any offended woman, has made expensive ecumenical scandal. He in all admitted but instead of confessing, has collected veshchichki and has left to the mistress.

- Houses did not appear, with a daughter did not communicate, and she constantly asked me, when the father will come, - the thrown Elena cried on interrogation at inspectors. - but money gave regularly.

the First time Lena has broken, when the former has taxied up to its house together with razluchnitsej. Has run up to its car and has shouted: « It is happy, what has taken away from the child of the father? You will die, you all the same will die! »

After that scandal Igor has sued for divorce. And Lena has seriously decided to return home the gone on a spree half.

At first has sent to were the friend as though it is Violetta`s next lover.

- Fill to it a muzzle properly and tell, that has got rid of it, - it addressed the acquaintance. - you will make as it is necessary - you will receive 50 thousand roubles.

But that has refused to beat at the last minute, and the plan And on vozrashcheniju the lascivious spouse home has broken. Then the despaired woman has dared at the plan In - to eliminate the competitor. Behind the help it was converted to other acquaintance, the provided businessman to Michael. That went on « Lexus » was engaged in business and of what Elena thought, intending to bribe its money, anybody and has not understood.

- As you will make all, me does not interest, simply then will show on the phone of a photo of its corpse. In exchange you will receive 200 thousand roubles, - it gave instructions to the candidate for killers.

From the customer Michael has gone at once to police to tell about a preparing crime. It was in December of last year, and murder have symbolically planned for the Valentine day - on February, 14th. First of all agents of national security have warned a victim. That from the heard has not crashed down nearly in a faint, but has then agreed to dramatize the murder.

After photographing in wood Michael has gone to Lena and together with terrible photos has passed it the passport, a driving licence and documents to the car of ostensibly killed Violetta.

- I to the last hoped that murder will not be, - the jealous wife tried to move to pity then court. - at heart wanted, that all has broken.

But Michael, acting in court as the witness, told another:

- At first it has begun to doubt that Violetta is dead, has then believed and was delighted, only was afraid that on it the suspicion will fall.

Her husband Igor long could not believe that the former wife has dared at the such:

- Yes, it became very nervous after divorce, there were hysterics, there were threats, but I did not think that she will dare on such, - the man on court told.

When Lena has stretched money (while only 5 thousand) and left the car, she was detained by field investigators. It did not open, has frankly repented and on court all time asked not to put her in prison, and to give the chance to nurture 12 - the summer daughter.

the Competitor - the victim insisted on the most severe punishment and demanded 200 thousand roubles of moral indemnification (the court has appointed only 25). On a sentence neither it, nor Elena`s former spouse have not come. In a hall there were only its relatives.

For the organisation and murder preparation on hiring the woman have sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment.

(All names, except a name of the defendant, are changed)