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A little unusually, but it is very tasty: takos on - brazilski

Tortili – traditional wafers of the Latin American kitchen from corn or wheat flour. But if those at you near at hand have not appeared, you with success can replace them on closer to us a thin unleavened wheat cake or pitu.

And still this recipe is good that has no strict canons. And you, at desire, can add in a stuffing takos any products on the discretion.

the Recipe



it is necessary:

1 items a butter spoon

400 g the beef forcemeat

1 average bulb

2 - 3 zubchika garlic

1 yellow sweet pepper

1/ 3 ch. Spoons of ground caraway seeds

1 ch. A spoon of ground pepper chilli


3 items Tomato paste spoons

50 g firm cheese

salad Leaves

2 - 3 tomatoes

4 tortili


1. In sotejnike to warm up butter, to lay out forcemeat and to fry on average fire, stirring slowly, 7 - 8 minutes. To merge the allocated liquid.

2. An onion and garlic small to cut, add to forcemeat and to fry, stirring slowly, 4 - 5 minutes.

3. Sweet pepper to wash, remove seeds and partitions, small to cut, add to forcemeat. To season forcemeat with caraway seeds, chilli - pepper, to salt on taste. To add tomato paste. To extinguish within 10 minutes.

4. Cheese to rub.   Tortili to lay out on protiven, to them to spread out the prepared forcemeat, to curtail everyone half-and-half, to strew grated cheese and to put in an oven under a grill on 1 - 2 minutes.

5. Tomatoes and salad to wash up. Salad to dry, tomatoes to cut. To lay out ready takos on plates, to add with tomatoes and salad leaves. To submit to a table.