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The blind guide blind

In this project much for the first time. The author conducts the narration from the Eagle nest - the unique escaped structure of Hitlerite residence in the Bavarian Alpes. Here, in the well-known resort place similar to paradise, Hitler as he remembered, has conceived the most important (we will add, the most monstrous) the plans.

the Son illegitimate, not left secondary school, yesterday`s vagabond who has served in the First World War to a rank of the corporal, the poor Austrian who did not have the German citizenship, - such is this person in 30 years. It is less than for one and a half ten years it became the unlimited sovereign of yesterday`s German empire - the countries where were appreciated first of all, education, an origin and ranks. For this short term Hitler not only has seized power, which did not dream all-powerful German emperors, he has created new Germany. Also that the main thing, the new person.

In the XX-th century yesterday`s sotsial - the democratic republic begins to shrived the racial theory. And Schiller and Goethe`s country will burn books soon to start to burn people. And respectable German firms with faultless reputation begin to struggle for orders on dushegubki and gas chambers. Edward Radzinsky`s new film tells, how all it was created, as the ruthless vertical of the power led by the Leader, the most severe retaliatory system with the informers who have captured all country, operated court and new principles of education of youth - sharp reduction of general educational subjects and an emphasis on physical culture and ideology was created. And at last, the unprecedented device of propagation processing daily - is not present, every second - population brains.

the Author investigates also psychology of the Fuhrer, and its diligently latent private life. In a serial set of documentary shootings that spectators have personally seen results of this processing of brains. This smile of a devil - the happy person zombirovannoj the countries, participants of feasting during a plague, prompt road to a precipice where has entered them « the blind guide blind ».

« Edward Radzinsky. Adolf Hitler. A way to the power » on June, 13th, 22. 40; 14 - on June, 15th, 22. 30, the First.