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Skater Artem Detyshev about participation in the Big races : If with a platform it is possible to agree with a bull - never

Angarchanin Artem Detyshev has believed not at once to the ears when to it have called from the First channel and have invited to act in film in show « the Big races ». Thought, draw, yet has not received the agreement from organizers. Still! After all, contrary to stereotypes, even such invitations not receive every day stars of the first magnitude. Hastily having collected suitcases, our fellow countryman has gone to Europe. To correspondents « it was possible to communicate to the sportsman in breaks between shootings.  

- Left with heavy heart, - Artem admits. – houses the wife remained c two children, younger only 7 days was executed. So also nearby it would be desirable to stay, and it was necessary to leave. And here I here.
- And how to you? Impressions were already typed?
- All is healthy. However, shootings last for days on end. Very long. The first day removed from half fourth day and almost till 5 mornings. The subsequent are easier, but all the same to an hour - two nights is stable. A mode very strained. The schedule confused, therefore is necessary very uneasy. Moreover and the seven-hour difference with Irkutsk affects.
- In advance knew, what competitions will be physically to be prepared? Or all as in a lottery?
- As to a sports part she acts in film without any doubles. All tests for &ndash commands; a full impromptu. Anybody does not know anything about forthcoming tests till the exit moment on arena. As at examination practically when before announcement of the task the teacher opens an envelope and gets a leaf. Approximately so. These are serious competitions which can be compared to the Olympic games. When there is a command, there is a group of serving persons, there are fans and a huge sense of responsibility because all Russia worries about you. And still huge desire to bring victory to the command and the country.
Artem Detyshev with the organizer and the main judge of show Olivier Galjanom.
the Photo: from archive Artema DETYSHEVA
- Speak, competitions in a new season has increased. They it is more difficult than a steel, is more various …
- Yes! At times difficult to such degree that participants never can overcome an obstacle course for taken away time though should run 3 - 4 persons. Competitions after all not simply sports, they are specially planned as much as possible to complicate to the participant distance passage. There would be you in usual sportswear, maybe, and would consult, and the result has much better shown. And when thy movements are held down by the restrictive equipment, any intricate suits, you cannot simply make it. It as a lottery, not always all depends on the physical form. Though I at all have not regretted that on the beginning of shootings it at me was.
- it was possible to battle To a bull?
- I took part in several games. Me as the sportsman put on the most difficult sites. Naturally, there were also bulls. And with them there was all on - to a miscellaneous. Details will see on the TV. I will tell only that dialogue with bulls – the most difficult and dangerous test. Every time when participants come into a shelter with bulls, me it becomes simply terrible. I very much worry and I hope that all therefrom leave whole and healthy. To me has still carried, and here some participants have received serious traumas.  
- And what easiest, in your opinion, competition? What most of all it was pleasant?
- I most of all liked passage of various strips with obstacles where the platform &ndash is involved moving every which way; a part of standard equipment of similar obstacle courses any more the first year. We could with it « to agree » and it « played » on our party. And here with bulls it is impossible to agree!
And on a broader scale, the project – it is perfect possibility to get acquainted with new people, to communicate. From this part the greatest impressions because the people participating in games, visitors on the project, in the majority very interesting and adequate from which it is possible to learn something new, entertaining, to expand the outlook.
- There was someone from a Russian team who the same as you, participated for the first time?
- Certainly. In shootings take part as those who is already far not the first time supports the Russian national team, and those whom have invited to the project for the first time. But I to you will not open all intrigue. I will tell only that participants of our &ndash command; it, as always, known people from show - business, actors, TV presenters and sportsmen. So spectators will see many familiar faces and it about whom will be ill and worry.
Participants discuss forthcoming competitions before the beginning of shootings.
a photo: from archive Artema DETYSHEVA
- Well and last question: when to the Russian spectators to wait for an exit of a new season in an aether?
- Under the unchecked data, there are plans to start display in September. It is necessary to wait not so much. People will see violence of emotions, heat of struggle, it about whom will worry, whom to support and for whom to be ill!
As it became known « in a new season « the Big races » will change the name. Now it will be « the Olympic races. The big ending ». The quantity of commands will increase twice. Instead of four becomes eight. It, of course, will add staginess show. On program shootings to Europe gymnast Alexey Nemov, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, the spouse of football player Andrey Arshavina Julia, a top - model Lena Kuletsky, Victoria Bonja, Denis Majdanov, Galina Polsky both many other sportsmen and show stars - business have arrived the Olympic champion.


It is composed krichalki for « the Big races »  

Known Angarsk sportsman Artem Detyshev asks the help from the fellow countrymen

« Friends! I declare competition on the best krichalku for a national team of Russia on the Olympic Races – the Big ending on the First. The best variants I undertake to sound loudly - loudly during game/ shootings. If they are good enough, it to be on air! Krichalka should be laconic and capacious. To steam of lines but so that all have around understood that it here shines nothing, that were afraid, trepeshchali … And further – not a question: we will cry out all tribune! »

- I was the participant of first two games, and ten all them more, - - have told Artem who regularly contacts the to fellow countrymen on the Internet. - now I on a tribune sit and I support ours. Probably, if there will be overlays with participants I can to take part in race still.

So, dear readers, at you are chance not only to flash talents, but also to help our national team!

The variants can send on nika address - sport@yandex. ru