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Leah will rise in price again grechka

In comparison with last year the prices already have increased more than twice and till the end of the year they will grow for 20 - 25 percent. Some experts assume that by the end of this year the state control can be entered and even the ceiling of the prices for socially significant goods will be established. A leah will occur it?

visitors of the program will share The stories. Pensioner Emilija Borisovna Bespalov considers that the prices for products can be lowered if correctly to write complaints in « Rospotrebnadzor ». Thus, she has achieved reduction of price on sausage in shop of the area. Other hero of the program – the manufacturer of foodstuff, farmer Grigory Kashkoval. Network shops have run into debt to it more than five millions roubles. Thus tax services regularly demand from it payment of all put taxes, therefore an economy of the farmer on the verge of bankruptcy. And after all in 2010 the new law on trade which should protect suppliers from an arbitrariness of trading networks has been passed. A leah so is observed this law?

And who makes lists of preferential medicines? Why people cannot receive preparations which are put under the law? These and other questions become the main things in release on June, 17th.

the First heroine of the program – the chairman of the Voronezh branch of the All-Russia diabetic association of Valentine Kazmin. There there was very much a difficult situation with preferential medicines: 450 children sick by a diabetes remained without insulin necessary for them. This problem also is actual for the Tula area and some other. Still: in many regions that federal exempts sit without medicines, the regional. Instead of a leah it is necessary to clean this division on a broader scale? According to Minzdravsotsrazvitija, already 70 percent of the Russian exempts have refused medicines in favour of money. Why so occurs?

One more heroine of the program – the Lily of Jarullina from Tatarstan. She expects a heart transplantation and a lung for now her life supports the import preparation which packing costs 180 thousand roubles. Not to die, it is necessary for the girl of one and a half packing in a month. But Ministry of Health of Tatarstan has not bought it. The Lily still had only 3 tablets. Program edition « Forecasts » it was converted to all experts who took part in programs for all year, and has raised money for one packing of this medicine. Directly in studio the medicine will be passed by Lilies. But how to it to be further?

« Forecasts » 16 - on June, 17th, 19. 55, « TV the Center ».