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Consumer credits of the Savings Bank - it is simple and accessible

in the Spring we usually we plan for the summer. And it would be desirable to equip a summer residence, and holiday is interesting for spending …   So much all is necessary! But where on all to take money? In this case there is an excellent variant – the bank credit. As more recently the Savings Bank has lowered interest rates under consumer credits.  

Decrease in rates really powerful argument to be converted behind the credit into the Savings Bank. But there are also other arguments   in favour of the Savings Bank. It first of all absence of the additional commissions on credits, crediting long terms – till 5 years, term of consideration of the demand   - till 2 working days. Credits are accessible to citizens at the age from 21 years.

Depending on what sum is necessary to you, it is possible to take   the consumer credit without maintenance or under the guarantee.   in the first case it is possible to receive to 750 thousand roubles. If the sum more &ndash is necessary; for you will approach « the Consumer credit under the guarantee of physical persons » - to 1,5 million roubles. In calculation of solvency of the borrower the income of the spouse or the spouse can be accepted. Obtain the credit pensioners can also, truth to extinguish it it will be necessary before 75 years.

As to clients – participants of salary projects and workers of the companies - the partners of the bank which has passed accreditation special conditions are developed for them with preferential interest rates.

that fact Is important also that registration of the consumer credit needs all some documents: the statement - the questionnaire, the passport, documents on incomes and a work record card copy. For participants of salary projects will be statements, passports and map account numbers on which the sum of the given out credit will be enlisted enough.

the credit by equal monthly payments by non-cash write-off of the sums from your bill opened in the Savings Bank Is repaid. You will need to watch that the bill has been filled beforehand up only. Probably preschedule repayment of the credit, after 3 - h months from the moment of its reception. Any restrictions on the sums of repayment and penalties in this case it is not provided.

And more one big advantage of the Savings Bank – its wide filial network. Today in Yaroslavl region to issue the demand for the credit it is possible in 65 divisions of bank from which 47 are in Yaroslavl.

having obtained the consumer credit of the Savings Bank, you receive real possibility to carry out the planned plans already today. And about credit conditions you can learn details in all financing divisions of bank.


Open Society « the Savings Bank of Russia ».   The general licence of Bank of Russia 1481 from 30. 08. 2010