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Legends about Izhevsk: Church have constructed on a place of the column which has descended from the sky of light?

to Izhevsk this year 251 year is executed. For long-term history of our city there were many interesting events. From some, little-known, various legends and legends were born. And if it seems to you that you know everything about our city, and the most important places on which it is necessary to drive visitors of capital of Udmurtiya, it Piously - the Mihajlovsky cathedral, Kalashnikov`s museum and the Central square, you are mistaken. We suggest to plunge into little-known history of our city. And to walk in those places which can apply for a role of the main sights of Izhevsk.

the Tower of the Izhevsk factory will fall?

So, the first place which should be visited in Izhevsk, is small-arms factory on quay. Whatever one may do, all began with it. And despite a considerable quantity of terrible and mysterious legends, the few have reached up to now. And here one of them.

the Huge factory case with a tower became in due course a symbol of our city. Thus, the factory tower can be compared to a tower in Pisa. Which already some hundreds years « falls ». How all began? Under stories of historian Sergey Zhilin, in 1836 the inclination of a factory building of a tower for the first time has been fixed. Builders simply have not considered that erection of so bulky construction on lowland is dangerous enough. Wooden piles which have been thus hammered, did not reach a strong ground. The founder of small-arms factory Andrey Derjabin has decided to construct inside   buildings the special channel for water drainage from water wheels to prevent subsidence of walls. But it have ousted, and the channel have constructed from South side. There where it now both is. It also became one of the main reasons of a non-uniform deposit of a ground. Plus to all in the factory case cars worked and machine tools, here were school, theatre, library and a museum. Loading on a tower was enormous.

In 20 century experts have come to opinion that is time to repair the main case of factory. But all has ended with seal of cracks, concreting and strengthening of the base and walls. Repaired it and experts from Italy. But also it has not helped. In the end of 1990 - h years the southern wall of the main case of factory has settled and became three times below northern. If attentively to examine a tower this list is swept very up. And now makes nearby 10 - 12 degrees. Certainly, to compare our tower with Pizansky it is impossible. But to show to visitors of Izhevsk this wonder it is possible.

the Two-headed eagle « have buried » at the bottom of the Izhevsk pond

the Second stories about a factory tower is not less tragic. At its building on top the two-headed eagle cast from bronze has been established. The paws it trampled on the French eagles, enemy banners and guns. It looked very beautifully. In the evenings during its feasts shined with illumination.

At the time of Bolsheviks of an eagle that dumped from a tower raised again. But when to Izhevsk have appeared suddenly red, it was in 1919, have decided it to liquidate. Solemn meeting has been held. Have dumped « the imperial arms » from a tower. Have planted it on a wooden raft and have thrown off in the deepest place in Izhevsk to a pond.

But has passed time, the power in Russia and in Izhevsk it was replaced. Hearings also have gone that the imperial eagle should be lifted. Have made all by rules. Have organised joint-stock company on relic lifting, have created the bank account that izhevchane money has sent. In the newspaper the announcement have printed.

Money was, divers with a difficult technique have arrived. But here an ill luck, so much years has passed. Have found something, a leah but an eagle it understand could nobody. So it also reposes till now under a thick layer of silt. Though not the fact that it was saved, bronze could not sustain 80 years under water.

the Chapel in the street Communards have put on a place « a sacred cross »

the church can become the Following place during excursion. In the street Communards behind numerous houses the small chapel has hidden. Very few people knows, why it here costs. Also that there has occurred. As it has appeared, this legend leaves the roots in the remote past. When Izhevsk still was factory settlement, on this place there was a wood, and peasants who left on gathering of fire wood, were issued, which descended, under stories, directly from the sky. It also fell directly on the big silver cross.

the Chapel have constructed on a place where on peasants has condescended divine light.
a photo: Alexey IVANOV.

As it was possible to find out, it at the time of pugachevskogo revolts has been buried in two versts from factory. It there have hidden from thieves. As the cross has appeared in wood, anybody could not respond. Till now it is a riddle. A relic have transferred to Ilinsky church, and later in Alexander Nevsky`s cathedral. And on a find place have put a memorable sign. And only in 19 century have built a chapel under the project of the factory architect. Also named its Krestovozdvizhensky. And in its people tenderly named « a dagger ».

At school 9 was military hospital for soldiers from all fronts of Russia

In the heat of war at many schools hospitals on reception of wounded soldiers have been organised. The school in the street Shchorsa in Izhevsk which now is called MOU 9 became one of them. There brought soldiers from all fronts of the country. Those years there worked as the nurse izhevchanka Rafina Ivanov. To it, the young girl, laid ahead to lift on feet of soldiers from front. And to bury many. Sometimes it was necessary to drag on snow a corpse of the soldier to the Most northern cemetery. Where them buried in a common grave.

After many years when war has ended, on a place of communal graves it was possible to establish with combined forces a monument where names of those who has died are beaten out. The most part from them managed to be restored on memory of nurses which worked at hospital.

- it is heavy to remember those times, – has told Rafina Grigorevna. – Sometimes it would be desirable to forget about all. But it is impossible! As swelled up hands for the hunger, what persons were at the wounded and crippled people. All it faces eyes and now. I remember many who has passed through my hands whom we with nurses left and whom have buried.

In those days on a place of the State Council of Udmurtiya there was a city mortuary where brought many soldiers. And in « red houses » along the street 50 years of October there lived city elite: professors, uchennye, the people holding high fasts in Izhevsk.


Emperor Nikolay I has thought up a lattice which costs till now in Izhevsk

In the street Bitter also many unusual places. For example, the Summer garden which was earlier a garden at the general house. Of it only reminds, the ancient arbour which has saved till now. And Alexander Nevsky`s cathedral which has worried much about the history. But here about olden time to a lattice which was designed by the emperor of Russia Nikolay I very few people knows.

the Project of a building and a lattice was confirmed by emperor Nikolay The First.
a photo: Alexey IVANOV.

There is it at the corner of Bitter and Soviet. Drawings and building plans where it is established, as well as drawing of the lattice, have been confirmed personally by emperor Nikolay. Though on this place there should be gate which already were held down in advance by the Izhevsk masters, the emperor has insisted that it is necessary to alter all. Here and there is in Izhevsk a piece of a pig-iron lattice of times of Nikolay.

we Give thanks for preparation of a material of the historian - regional specialist Sergey Zhilin.