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10 useful exercises for joints, without getting up

it is necessary to Wake up not only to a brain, but also all body. It is not obligatory to jump and sharply to do body exercises, it is possible to roll about a little, developing joints:

- As practice shows, the status a backbone depends not only on deep muscles which provide a food kostno - hrjashchevoj bases, - but also from a status of the basic large joints, - tells in the book « the Osteochondrosis - not a sentence » Sergey Mihajlovich. - Among such joints the special role is played by joints of the bottom extremities which are amortisation system. Therefore it is important to knead in the morning not only a backbone, but also joints of feet. By the way, foot weakened, not trained is « a way » not only to articulate and pozvonochnym to pains, but also head. After all on stop there is a set of the points connected with brain blood circulation. And it is necessary to do these morning exercises which it is possible in bed, hardly having woken up. All of them are carried out lying. Will help not only to master a little an osteochondrosis and other illnesses, but also will improve a blood-groove and consequently, will help to save normal memory during the day.

for feet
These some exercises are good for carrying out at: ploskostopii, a gout, foot spurs, an ankle joint arthritis, after a trauma or operation on calcaneal (ahillovom) a sinew, varikoznom expansion of veins, puffiness of an ankle joint, migraines.
all need to be carried out them 15 - 20 times, yet will not feel heat in working joints. If will hear a crunch, do not pay attention, soon it will pass.

1. « pushing away »
I the item Lying on a back, hands lie freely on each side, feet straight lines, on width of shoulders.
Serially extend a foot thumb (before the greatest possible straightening), then bend it to itself besides on a maximum, doing as though extending movements by a heel. Forward and back. It is possible together, it is possible serially each foot.

2. « yard keepers »
I item P - the same that in the first exercise.
serially reduce thumbs and plant them as much as possible in the parties. At data try to put thumbs on a bed surface. At cultivation slowly, slowly as though braid all shin.

3. « rotations »
I the item the Same.
rotate foot clockwise and against, alternately. Watch thumbs of feet and them try to draw circles.

4. « a fist ».
I the item the Same.
as much as possible compress fingers of feet as if be going to seize them an apple or a ball. Then also as much as possible spread wide fingers as if having straightened a palm.

for a knee joint
This exercise is useful not only for warm-up, they are necessary at an osteoarthritis of a knee joint, after a trauma of a knee joint. To carry out these exercises too it is necessary on 15 - 20 times.

5. « sliding by heels ».
I the item - feet straight lines, hands along a trunk.
serially to bend and unbend feet in knees, as though sliding soles on a bed. At bending try to concern with a heel of a buttock (it is possible even to help itself a hand though hip spasms are thus possible).

For a coxofemoral joint
Two following exercise helps at koksartroze, aseptic nekroze heads of a coxofemoral joint, a pain with the bottom part of a back.

6 « train wheels »
I the item - Knees polusognuty.
serially extend a direct foot a heel forward for the maximum length, it is literally before basin displacement. Hands it is possible to keep for a bed back.

7. « a knee in a wall »
I the item -   feet on width of shoulders are bent in knees. Hands are slightly dissolved in the parties, palms downwards. Serially lower the bent foot to bed inside - the left knee to the right foot, the right knee - to left.

8. « the semibridge »
This exercise is very useful at omission tazovyh bodies, locks, hemorrhoids, rectum cracks.

I the item - bend feet in knees, knees together, stops concern each other, hands lie freely on each side.
it is warned - exercise difficult enough, but effective. So, on an exhalation try as it is possible to lift above a basin, thus compressing buttock muscles some times.

9. « Pulling up »
it is very effective at back pains.

I the item Having straightened, feet straight lines, hands - on each side.
clasp hands the foot bent in knees and press it to a chest, raising a back from bed and trying to concern with a knee chin. Change a foot. Do exercise of 15 times. Painfull sensations in lumbar and chest department of a backbone are possible. Therefore it is necessary to do exercise smoothly, on an exhalation.

for an abdominal tension

10. « we gather in a stomach »
I the item - feet are bent in knees, soles densely stand on bed. The palm of the right or left hand lies on a stomach.
on a breath stick out, on an exhalation gather in a stomach (that the palm fell together with a stomach). After a small delay of breath the breath as though itself comes back. Make 20 - 30 repetitions.

it is important!
at performance of these exercises there can Be spasms in ikronozhnyh muscles. Be not frightened - you on the right track. Massage muscles and continue exercises.

Why it is important to strengthen stops

Foot together with an ankle joint will not simply amortise, reduces loading on a back, it also bears on herself all weight of a body, at times the superfluous. In stop and an ankle joint of 27 bones, as much and 109 sheaves - it is a little less than muscles, than in a brush. And in practice our stops far not so are mobile and developed, as brushes of hands. It thus what exactly so-called ascending meridians with which work iglorefleksoterapevty on stops are, relieving us of head and other pains. Therefore so it is important to do at least small warm-up in the mornings in bed to help our feet to be mobile and easy.