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Destiny gift


Since 2013 within five years in Russia will pass at once six largest competitions: a summer University game - 2013 in capital of Tatarstan, the World championship - 2013 on track and field athletics in Moscow, the Olympic Games - 2014 in Sochi, the World championship - 2016 on hockey in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, the World championship - 2018.

the Idea of carrying out of the World summer student`s games in Kazan was sounded for the first time by Marat Bariev at that time heading the ministry of affairs of youth, sports and Republic Tatarstan tourism. Now Bariev holds a post of the chief executive of the Olympic committee of Russia:

- In 2001 me have appointed the minister of sports of Tatarstan. Kazan at that time was going to note 1000 - summer anniversary. Mintimer Sharipovich Shaymiev who was at that time the president of republic, has told that Tatarstan should learn in sports circles all over the world. We with the experts have thought and have suggested to invite a summer University game to Kazan. For this purpose it was necessary to create the necessary infrastructure for short term and to gain authority. By 2005 Tatarstan has affirmed as the status of very sports region and has received guarantees of the government of Russia for giving of the application book on University game carrying out - 2011.

- That personally you have felt that minute when Kazan declared University game capital - 2013?

- Kazan wanted to receive the University game - 2011, and all have been assured of victory. You do not represent, what disappointment when we have conceded to Chinese Shenchzhenju only two voices was. But our management has instantly told that we will be put forward on following student`s games, and the application committee was headed by president RT Rustam Nurgalievich Minnikhanov. Exactly three years ago on May, 31st in Bruxelles dared, where the University game - 2013 will be spent. We again were obvious favourites, but were stirred very strongly! And when capital of games declared Kazan, literally all jumped to a ceiling. Unique feelings. Such it is not forgotten.

- As the government of the Russian Federation participates in this scale project? - A question of Maratu Barievu.

- it is very active. And the government, and the President of Russia very actively support this project. The centre allocates means not only for a sports infrastructure, but also helps to construct roads, to solve transport problems. It is an example of how the idea has seized all country. All questions dare very operatively.

- It is said that Kazan can spend the University game though now.

- By and large yes. In « to village » where participants will live, already now it is possible to settle 8500 persons. Two are not absolutely ready only - three objects, but happen a swagger - a major, the city is ready to accept student`s games though tomorrow.

- Kazan lives today preparation for the University game, - general director ANO « speaks; Executive management of XXVII World summer university game of 2013 in Kazan » Vladimir Leonov. - for us it is the grandiose social project which will help to change life of citizens of Kazan. On what we would need 15 years, we do for 2 - 3 years. If you arrive to us to you will seem that the city has turned to a building site. For three years it is already constructed and 25 sports objects are opened, reconstruction of roads at full speed is conducted, new world network hotels open. Sports competitions of the European and world level are regularly held, student`s sports develop. Townsmen all go in for sports more actively, families come to pools and sports halls. For our youth the University game - the present gift of destiny, especially when to you nearby 20! Many young men and girls become copresent to grandiose event. The university game is the youth project, the happy ticket which was extended by the Russian students. High schools are actively connected to preparation of games. Students study languages, become volunteers, test in the most different functional directions. The university game already gives to our youth great opportunities for self-realisation, for accumulation of experience and expansion of own borders.


On the University game - 2013 in Kazan more than 13 000 sportsmen from 150 countries of the world will play medals in 27 sports.

On a summer University game - 2009 Russian national team in command offset has won first place in Belgrad and on gold medals (27), and on total of awards (76).

our country only time accepted University games. In 1973 summer student`s games have passed in Moscow.