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The Stavropol spouses have noted diamond wedding

One of these days spouses from Stavropol Feodor and Maria Zaporozhets have celebrated anniversary - 60 years of joint life.

Moreover and as have noted! They as if have returned on 60 years ago and have again entered into a hall of celebrations under Mendelson`s symbolical march. The sea of flowers, visitors, solemn speeches and even wedding rings - all was this day.

the Diamond newly-married couple has told again each other the treasured: « Yes » having promised native to live as early as more many years.

And how it the friend without the friend, to people who through a year have managed to carry by love and warmth? And that the love and is strong to the present day, does not call the slightest doubts. How Feodor Ivanovich speaks about the spouse, how carefully holds for lokotok, - all it speaks for itself.

- we Lived with Masha in the neighbourhood in one village, - Feodor Ivanovich remembers events of old years, - I when from front have returned (by the way, on front Feodor Ivanovich have left for good the young. Also 18 years to it were not. And has returned with numerous medals and awards), has learnt that it on practice has left. Waited. So it would be desirable to see, talk about that, about this. And as soon as it has appeared at home, I there and then and have come tearing along. On walk has called, we gradually began to communicate, and have then decided to get married. At us all was always fine, without quarrels yes scandals. Though I can not tell that life easy was. When children have appeared, to us time and again it was necessary to move from place to place. So on work it was necessary, but anything, have consulted. And always near were, hung together.

By the way, jubiljary actually all time were a number. Even worked on one work.

- I was managing a medical ambulance station, and Maria - the midwife. Worked all life side by side, - the family head speaks.

the Result of strong marriage speaks for itself - at Maria Ivanovny and Feodor Ivanovicha two children, the three grandsons, three great-grandsons.

the First congratulations on precious anniversary have sounded from them. Later with wedding colours and gifts relatives and friends have joined.   by the way, children and grandsons very much gordjatsja a family of Zaporozhets, and Feodor Ivanovicha name the real man.

- Such as my father, is not present more, - Lyudmila Fedorovna, the daughter jubiljarov confidently speaks. - It strong, careful, purposeful. You as he looks after mum would see! As tries to feed with its tasty something, yes encourages always.

In what a secret of family happiness? - A question on which many cannot find centuries the right answer.   and the real man and the spouse with 60 - the summer experience responds to it simply: in strong nerves and mutual understanding.