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In trading tents of Syktyvkar vagabonds spend the night, and sellers smoke directly behind counters

Today on city planerke in the mayoralty of Syktyvkar the main subject there was a question on the cleared up street trade. Unapproved shops as the head of administration of a city Ivan Pozdeev admitted, have simply captivated a city. Their main threat — infringement of the sanitary code, after all the great bulk of such points is made by counters with vegetables and fruit.

- All of us it is known about a situation in Europe where from - for poor-quality vegetables epidemic has flashed and people have died. At us such should not to repeat! - Ivan Pozdeev has declared.

the Syktyvkar mayor has called economy and analysis Management and Rospotrebnadzor for responsibility.

Trading tents and stalls should not disturb to movement neither on sidewalk, nor on road, and as Larissa Turkova admitted the head of department of economy and the analysis, Syktyvkar businessmen it is the requirement more often do not observe.

Besides, the problem with infringement of the sanitary code exists almost in all street shops: sellers do not have sanitary books, the permission to trade, not to mention that smoking dealers do not reflect at all on leaving on a smoke break tent.

Larissa Turkova has shown gathered an indicative videoclip, how spot-checks on city shops were spent.

On video itself the head of department of economy together with prosecutors checks all familiar trading places in streets of Syktyvkar. Sellers cannot give often documents, in boxes under fresh vegetables and fruit lie rotten, and dealers do not hide that on their points vagabonds constantly spend the night. But the most interesting is concealed under metal bowls of scales: in many places raiders, having glanced under grocery scales, found there weighty magnets with absolutely clear mission. Only one of the checked up saleswomen on video fairly admitted that scales on its counter show exact weight because to hang up magnets to it the chief has forbidden.

- It is necessary to increase number of such detours in times, and this measure should not become unique, - Ivan Pozdeev has declared, having looked at the operative video record. - it is necessary, that citizens signalled about such infringements, therefore all power departments without fail need to publish phones for references.

Representatives of the Department of Internal Affairs have promised that quickly phone numbers will publish, for now citizens can call in « 02 » and, as policemen, from such calls they « have assured; not begin to wave away ».


Management of economy and the analysis of Syktyvkar has submitted All to the Department of Internal Affairs of 14 statements concerning illegal trading objects. Such quantity of statements seemed to Pozdeevu absolutely insignificant. In Ezhvinsky area with illegal trade local authorities keep control of a situation, and quality of street trade at them is considerable above, therefore the Syktyvkar town governor has called all heads of administrations « to adopt experience » the best in this sense of area.