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Kirovchanin has won court against a city administration

on January, 1st, 2012 all without a house and apartment exception should be equipped by new electric metres. If, for example, you come to pay for light, and in thy house there is still the old device developed still till 2005 aunties in cash desk will remind you: « the Counter should be changed ». And further a situation very simple: if apartment, a room, the house from you it is privatised, bought, that is it is your property the counter both to buy, and you begin to establish. And here if you the employer of a premise, that is the apartment at you is not privatised, for you the owner of habitation, that is local administration should make all.

- to us the elderly man was converted, - the assistant to the public prosecutor of a city of Kirov Nikolay Slastnikov makes comments. - The power supplying organisation has directed to administration of Kirov and to the employer of apartment under the contract of social hiring the letter on unfitness of the available counter of the electric power and necessity of its replacement by the counter with higher class of accuracy. The administration of Kirov has refused counter replacement, having specified that the given replacement should be carried out the employer of premises.
the man with such turn of events has disagreed and has gone to Office of Public Prosecutor. Business has reached court. And only in court after the decision it became clear that all - taki the local administration should establish at own expense the counter in apartment of the pensioner.

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the Order from 15. 03. 2005 N 53 - st Federal agency on technical regulation and metrology MPE the Russian Federation the national standard of the Russian Federation of GOST R 52322 - 2005 " is confirmed; Equipment for measurement of electric energy of an alternating current. Static counters of active energy of classes of accuracy 1 and 2 with a Date of Introduction in action since July, 1st, 2005, regarding the counters developed till July, 1st, 2005, - since July, 1st, 2006

In this connection devices of the account of electric energy of a class of accuracy 2,5 have left operation in this connection are excluded from the state register of measuring apparatuses. Counters are necessary for the energy account an accuracy class not more low 2,0.