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The fifth-grader from Uglich has helped to rescue from a terrible fire two apartment houses

One of these days to the fifth-grader of school 1 Uglich to Alexey Grafovu employees of a regional fire service solemnly have handed over the letter of thanks and a costly present. 11 - the summer boy has shown improbable courage and on the same level with adults has helped to defend from fire two inhabited private houses.

In May in the street Uritsky in Uglich has happened one burnout this year. The wooden garage has lighted up. However the strong wind and dry hot weather have made the dirty deed. In a few minutes fire was threw on the next structures. Roofs of two houses, nearby have flashed.

- To arrival of fire-fighting crews apartment houses and economic constructions already burnt with open fire, - have told in branch of the information, propagation and public relation GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Yaroslavl region. - the fire managed to be liquidated   only in five hours. Have completely burnt down two apartment houses, three motor vehicles and some economic constructions. However, two houses, located nearby, it was possible to rescue.

On struggle against a terrible fire have rushed all - young and old, among them and there was Lesha. He one of the first has come running to the aid and together with adults carried water from a column, beat off houses from a flame, helped to take out property. Neighbours with gratitude remember the desperate fellow and are assured that the endurance and pressing forward it gave to them of forces and courage.